Detailed blog of loft conversion ideas advantages for your South London property, it's great way to revitalise your home, adding value increasing your space with loft conversions.

Advantages of a Loft Conversion for your South London Property

You will no doubt have seen countless Loft Conversions South London out and about within your local and wider neighbourhood. In fact, they are so common these days that we challenge anyone to find us a residential street in a London postcode that hasn’t had some form of loft conversion. Since there are permitted development rights available for loft conversions, they are easily one of the most common project types that we handle.

Whether it’s a new master bedroom with en-suite, a home office, or even a cinema room the possibilities for what a loft conversion can offer you almost endless. As architectural designers in London we are perfectly placed to offer you loft conversion ideas and advice. But what are the advantages of a loft conversion to you? L.E.A.V.E.S is the answer, you might be thinking what have plants got to do with my attic space? Take a read below and all will be quite clear.

natural resource and put it to great use. Natural light has many benefits such as improving overall mental and physical health as well as improving sleep quality. Depending on the use of the room it will also be an advantage in reducing eye strain and potential headaches which can be an effect of poor light or overuse of artificial lighting. We have plenty of loft conversion ideas that will look to maximise the use of natural light coming into your loft conversion and into other areas of the house using clever design features to direct it towards more needed areas.

Moving home is without a doubt far more complicated than having a loft conversion done to your property. The endless list of considerations such as solicitors’ fees, surveying fees, moving logistics, change in commute and potentially changing your children’s school is enough to put the idea in the bin, and that’s all before the hardest part, actually finding the new home that you want.

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