Even buildings can become smart with the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT). Smart buildings reduce energy consumption and enforce security in its systems. Various IoT systems also ensure proper maintenance of its assets and support the overall health of its surroundings.

IoT systems that are transforming Building Management Systems (BMS):

1. IoT-based Energy Monitoring Systems

IoT energy monitoring solutions enable the monitoring of energy consumed by appliances in a building in real-time. By using this information, authorities of a building can optimize the use of electricity and reduce bills.

2. IoT-based Water Level Monitoring Systems

By using a water tank level monitoring system, smart buildings can maintain an optimum amount of required water as a buffer. This wireless tank level monitoring system will alert building members whenever the level of water decreases below the threshold. By embedding this system with TDS, pH, and other sensors, the quality of waters can also be estimated accurately. This gives building members ample time to call their municipality or a water tanker provider before water runs out.

3. High Security and Surveillance Systems

These systems include devices like biometrics, IP surveillance cameras, and wireless alarms. These security systems prevent entry of unauthorized people in the building as well as allow distant monitoring of the building. By utilizing the perimeter security and access control systems, entry to sensitive and personal areas can be restricted. This reduces the chances of theft and also assists in identification of people in non-authorized locations of the building.

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