Chatbots that respond to queries concerning services and offering information may very possibly be the main interface between government and citizens soon. However, the main question is why governments would turn to chatbots to interact with their citizens.

There is no contradicting the fact that government bodies are eyeing chatbots as a way to improve the quality of city life by automating the various services offered by them. People are becoming more and more aware of their rights, and would like to gain access to government services online whenever they are needed. This can be very overwhelming for the government representatives working online. That is where chatbots for cities come in.

City chatbots not only offer a text-based platform for people, they can also chat with them. As a result, it makes services easily available for people, especially those with disabilities. When programmed correctly, chatbots can also speak in foreign languages.

Below are factors pertaining to how online chatbots can support city governments, and help them to provide citizens with information and services in different departments:

1. Make citizens aware of laws

Citizens may not be completely aware of all the laws in their city. Thus, at times, they mistakenly break rules or fail to take advantage of some benefit that they are eligible for. Using chatbot technology, governments can make it easier for people to gain access to appropriate information pertaining to specific laws, anywhere and anytime.

2. Information on medical amenities offered

A government usually sets up many health benefits for people; however, very few are educated about them. A chatbot can give citizens all the information they need on health assistance and medical amenities that they should have access to.

3. Latest employment opportunities

Whether people are looking for job opportunities, want to set up a business, or want to find out more about the facilities provided by the government to retired folks, all this information can be retrieved through city chatbots on different government websites. Instead of visiting government offices repeatedly, people can easily use chatbots to get whatever details they need.

4. Information about educational institutions

Chatbots can help citizens get details about the primary, secondary and higher education systems in a city. People can also look for educational institutions established by the government and financial assistance available for students.

5. Improve city election periods

Elections are very important to both the government and citizens. Using chatbots, the government can make sure that citizens are well-informed with election rules, guidelines, and events, and that they know their electoral candidates.

Today, more and more government organizations are looking at chatbot technology as an opportunity to improve their communications with their citizens. It is the ideal way to make a city environment safe and progressive. Governments can engage with citizens in real-time, leading to continuous connectivity, improved governance, value-added satisfaction, and enhanced relations between public and government.