This article is all about understand some major facts pertaining to sleep apnea that you must know or must have knowledge about. These facts will help you understand sleep apnea better, and in a correct way. It will help you bust some myths pertaining to sleep apnea and help you get a better perspective on the condition which can help you in early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment.

Sleep apnea can be categorized into two frames. Most often, it is the obstructive sleep apnea that afflicts people- making it more concerning. So, what goes when you have sleep apnea? When you have sleep apnea your muscles relax as you sleep, which leads to the collapse of soft tissue and obstruction of the airway-which is the problematic part of sleep apnea. This means that your breathing is also obstructed. This also means that you wake up in the middle of the night multiple times, to adjust the tissues such that you are able to breath. This happens multiple times during the course of the night. This is also one reason why people with sleep apnea tend to feel a lot lethargic during the day even if they had a seemingly decent sleep cycle.

People belonging to any age or age group can develop sleep apnea, including children. Apnea centralis can happen babies as well. It can be a result of another medical condition or a developmental issue. Paediatric obstructive sleep apnea is more prevalent than you would imagine. The obstruction of the airway during sleep by big tonsils and adenoids is a common cause of sleep apnea in children.