What is money? Is money really important in our daily lives? Can you use money to buy happiness in your daily life? 

According to the oxford dictionary, money is defined as the current medium of exchange in form of coins and bank notes. Dynamism and insatiability of needs and wants are some of the key characteristics that have greatly contributed to modern changes we are witnessing in the current economic world. Formerly people used the system of barter trade to carry out their business transactions. This system had its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately the negatives of the barter trade system outweighed the positives of the system. This led to the search for better alternatives to replace the system. Coins and bank notes proved to be a fair method to succeed the barter trade system. Now the question is, has the coins and bank notes brought satisfaction and happiness intended to human life?

Frankly speaking, without money in the modern world you cannot carry out any business transaction. You can neither afford yourself a drink nor any food. Currently, you can do your daily transactions using solid money i.e. physical cash or wirelessly using liquid cash; thanks to the advanced technology we are enjoying today. All these activities are made possible by money and conclusively we can say that money gives us comfort and choice. But can we describe this as happiness in a daily life? NO! What is happiness then? Will money buy us real happiness?

Generally, happiness according to oxford learners’ dictionary is the feeling you have when things gives you pleasure and can be quite a lively feeling. Does money have the ability to give you the lively pleasurable feeling? The answer is a big NO! There is no amount of money that can be spent to buy you happiness.

Look around your rich neighborhood. It’s a home to many men and women of the collar. People you have always admired and wanted to be associated with. They literally can own everything and anything. They have lots of money, expensive houses and the grown up people toys you can think of; yachts, state of the art cars, helicopters and many more. These people range from the Hollywood movie stars, musicians and television stars.

Here are some of the stinking rich people we know and how their lives have proved that money can’t buy happiness.

Here are some proofs that money cannot buy happiness in your life. 

Mr. Justin Bieber 

He is an A list Hollywood star widely known because of his outstanding acting skills. Despite the fortune and fame his acting career has brought to his life, he is an unhappy man. He rarely smiles in his photos and generally has anti social behavior. This is majorly proved by fact that Mr. Bieber has no good relationship with his fans due to lack of his respected to them. This is a good proof that without positive social relation with people around you, no matter how much money you have in your bank account, you will never be happy. True happiness comes when people around you respect and adores you because of your good reputation in society.

Mr. Corey Feldman 

Money brings two key things to your life; Comfort and choice. If you make wrong choices in the course of spending your money you will definitely get misery in your life.

During his youthful times, Mr. Feldman had a lot of money. In the pursuit for happiness, Feldman recklessly spent the money in parties that nearly destroyed his life. His choices of spending money invited a lot of trouble in his life. Were it not for the second thought that crossed his mind, I don’t know where his life could be now. Today Mr. Feldman leads a simple but contented life though he doesn’t have a lot of money as before.

It is not the huge spending that brings happiness to your life, it is the experience you have in spending the money.

Lady Gaga 

She is mostly known from her cool music hits and her strong campaigns that encourage people to love their talents. Recently when she was doing auditing of things that has made her life happy, she shocked most of us. Money did not make it to the top in her list. To her, happiness is loving yourself, exploring your full potential and using your talents to serve others. There is happiness and contentment in you when you use your talents to make other people find joy and meaning in their life.

Selena Gomez 

She led a wonderful career life until she was diagnosed with a rare disease known as Lupas. The disease was a major stumbling block to her career life. She wanted the disease be a secret to herself but secretes always have a way of getting to the public domain. The disease has cost her happy happiness. She is often seen crying in most of her concerts and when she is not on stage, she locks herself indoors most of the time. Gomez had a lot of money but her money couldn’t help take way her life’s worst nightmare. The disease is a constant pain in her life that cannot go away though she is very rich. Happiness in life is when all parts of your body are working properly even if you don’t have any money. There is more joy in you when your healthy is normal.

Natalie Imbruglia 

She is an accomplished singer who has produced many hot hits. Her most popular hit ‘Torn’ that was recorded in 1997, made her more famous and rich. Due to her fame and riches she attracted many people as friends into her life. These friends negatively affected her decision making and her happy life. She went quiet for a very long time from the music industry due to her poor decision mostly contributed by people she knew as friends. Though Imbruglia was rich, she made wrong of friends. True happiness is finding friends who share your aspirations and goals. These friends will bring joy and contentment because they will always push you to achieve more in live. They will openly rebuke you when you go wrong, not praising you even when you are failing just because you have money.

Money can only be used to enhance happiness in your life but should not be used as a tool for happiness. You find happiness when you are healthy, you have supportive and appreciative friends, use your abilities to help those who need your help and doing other virtuous activities around the community.