I was at a New Year's party last night and the lighting here is so dim, I couldn't take one decent picture. The minute I entered, I took like a hundred pictures and none of them is worth sharing on any of my social media accounts. So I think I'll have to do some heavy editing to making them worthwhile. Thank God for the filters.  

This party was so not fun. I barely knew anyone there, my friends weren't really talking to me, but I had to go to a party. I couldn't sit home and do nothing, what would I upload? I mean, I have 100,000 followers on instagram. Every day, my tweets are read by around 50,000 people. I have 30,000 Facebook followers. All I need is a stable internet connection and some decent lighting to keep my followers updated. All of them knew that I am a party girl and was going to rock a party on the New Year's eve, they need to see how much fun my evening was. 

I keep them updated all the time. For instance, before going to this party I got ready and posted a "natural/no makeup selfie" with a suitable filter. Then I took off the entire make up to do a party make over again. I then posted pictures in different outfits to ask my followers which one would be the best for the night. Well actually, only two of them were mine, the rest were my friends' dresses, but I just did for Snapchat's sake. I mean, I can't let my followers think that I barely have anything to choose from. Nobody likes an empty wardrobe. I got pretty good stuff for all my social media accounts, edited the pictures a bit, you know, I have a really tiny waist on social media.

I didn't realize that I spent a whole 3 hours doing that, so naturally I was late. I rushed in to get ready for the party, the makeup looked good only on camera, so I had to take it all off and put on some fresh makeup. Meanwhile, my friends were acting super mean and they didn't wait for me, and I ended up walking all the way towards the party. That bummed me out a lot, my feet hurt in the heels, so I took them off. Walking without any shoes on, on the road is a tough job guys. My feet stung and hurt, but the view was really nice so I took a few photos. I googled a really deep quote, upload the photo along with the quote as caption and a long list of hashtags, #walkingbarefootonroad #blessedwiththebest. I had a few cuts on my feet but I didn't post anything about that. Nobody would want to see those blisters, or how painful and depressing it is to walk all alone barefoot.

Well my friends weren't talking to me, apparently they think I'm going crazy. So I took a few pictures with a bunch of strangers, #newfriends #newyear. The party on the whole was a lonely affair, I didn't have anyone to talk to, but I stayed till the fireworks because I wanted a nice insta-story. They have started the story trend on Facebook and Whatsapp too, so it took me a long time to get all those updated. Then I walked home back.

My feet still hurt from all the walking, there are blisters all over them. So I am staying in the bed today. I was getting pretty bored, but none of my friends are responding to my texts. So I watched a movie. I didn't really get the plot of the movie though, maybe that's because I was busy making boomerangs and tweeting the whole time. Never mind, I got pretty great stuff for my social media handles.

This afternoon I put rhinestone all over my face, it's a new trend on instagram. It looked great in photos. I was so excited, it got 200,000 (two hundred thousand) likes on instagram! I uploaded a few mini videos on Snapchat too, that got pretty popular too. It took me one hour to get them off though, and now my face is all red and sore. Later, my sister asked me to babysit her little daughter and her dog, I was in a really bad mood, but I agreed. Babies and dogs, they are a great combination for nice pictures. But none of them were in the mood to get snapped, the baby cried all the time, the dog won't sit still. But still I managed to get a picture, edited it, put a filter on it and uploaded it. It turned out pretty great. I got so many comments; people would give anything to live my perfect life. That made me smile a little. The dog had pooped, I didn't see it because I was checking the phone, and I stepped right into it. It took me a long long time to clean the floor and the dog and then finally I showered to take off all the poop particles off me, when my sister arrived.

My headache was getting quite intense so I thought I would go to bed early. But before that, I thought I would get a picture with a Goodnight caption by the pool. That picture came out really great. But right after uploading it, my phone fell into the pool and I had to dive in to rescue it. The water was so cold, that worsened by headache. My phone stopped working too, I need to get it checked.

Needless to say, I am an unhappy sight tonight. With no phone, no laptop (my brother took it) I’m feeling really anxious. Also, I can't sleep until I've checked my social media. God, my life sucks.