The best shot that we all have at defending our bodies from a variety of illnesses comes from indulging in simple and positive healthy habits. For instance, home treatments and natural remedies will go a long way to help you take charge of your day to day health. It is a good step when you want to keep your immunity in check. The aspect of boosting your immunity using the natural ways implies creating a balance and harmony through diet, exercise, and other healthy living strategies. Therefore if you are serious about your health, here are some tips which will significantly help you in strengthening your immune system naturally .

Exercise regularly 

Do not get me wrong here; I don’t mean that you turn yourself into a fitness fanatic. The point that I’m driving at is that you try at least and get some 30 minutes workout on a regular basis. Only making an effort to go for a daily stroll will make a big difference in keeping you physically fit and help your immune system to stay in good shape. Some exercise such as yoga too is a good exercise option and has been known to work just perfectly. Exercising gets your antibodies as well as white blood cells to move faster through the body. As a result, you increase the chances of detecting illnesses as soon as they appear.

Get enough sleep

Are you aware that staying up all night can significantly lead to adverse effects on your immune system? According to the research, this could even make you more likely to catch a virus and make it difficult to fight it off. I know how much tempting it is to stay up late at night to watch your favorite show, but do yourself a favor and ditch the late-night screen time. Ensure to get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep time per night.

Boost your vitamin D

This vitamin plays quite some roles when it comes to promoting the proper functioning of your immune system. I don’t see any other better way that you can get vitamin D naturally if it is not through soaking up some sun. It is the most efficient way to stock up on vitamin D. Research has also pointed out that you only need some few minutes at least 15 minutes to get the required dosage. Too much exposure can result in adverse effects such as sunburns and skin cancer.

Manage your stress

Being stressed is normal, and it is something we as human beings will experience from time to time. Despite this fact, you still have the option to regulate the stress you are experiencing. According to science, chronic stress will lead to your body producing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which will give rise to some adverse effects in your immune system. These hormones will raise the risk of viruses and common cold attacking your body. On the other hand, when you indulge in activities aimed at reducing stress then you can produce some positive changes to your immune system. Amazingly enough, activities such as meditation can go a long way in managing your stress perfectly.

Drink water

It is something that doctors encourage us to be doing from time to time. As simple as it sounds most people still do not do it the way that it is required. In most cases, the only time that people find themselves drinking water is only when they are feeling thirsty. It should not be this way; you have an obligation to take at least seven glasses of water every day. Keeping your body hydrated helps to cleanse the body and in the removal of toxins including germs.


I always find laughter to be the best medicine. Some studies done concluded that it really could give your immunity a positive boost. Earlier on I noted that watching until the wee hours is not good for your health, but I will also add that watching some episodes of your favorite funny show is beneficial. It is only a bad habit to your health when it disrupts your sleep patterns. When you laugh a little or a lot, you help to lower stress levels, and this can even promote a good night sleep which are the two essential elements you need to have a healthy functioning body. You cannot deny the fact that laughing is probably the only way you will have the most fun and at the same time give your immune system a boost.

Make love often

Yes, that is right, as funny as it sounds it actually could play a significant role in boosting your immune system. While having a lot of friends is a healthy thing to do, you can have an intimate sexual relationship to make it even healthier. Science has even proved that having orgasms will boost your infection-fighting cells by quite a significant percentage. So now you have had it, making more love will increase immunoglobulin which is an antibody that boosts your immune system. In that case, it can even help your body to fight flu and colds.

Familiarize with immune enhancing herbs

There is an extensive list of medicinal plants which contain chemicals you can use to increase the activity of your immune system. Among the list are garlic, ginseng, reishi and maitake mushrooms, Echinacea, eleuthero, and astragalus among much more. Most people will prefer using garlic more. Aside from helping to boost your immune system, garlic is also known to be an anticancer and antimicrobial against some various bacteria, fungi, viruses as well as parasites. I would advise on eating it raw as the key ingredients hardly survive cooking. You can also opt to add some minced garlic to your meals just before you serve it.

Start your mornings with yogurt

Talk about having a win-win; you will be happy to find out that yogurt actually is a nutritious meal to start with in the morning and the idea that vanilla yogurt can make you feel happy. For other yogurt lovers just like me, we now have a reason for having yogurt nearly every morning.

Start a culture of taking tea

Admit it; it felt so relaxing each time you took tea in the mornings or even right before you went to bed. It might as well be its kind of medication. There are naturally occurring chemicals in tea known as alkylamines which strengthen your immune system and help to fight off the infections. You can opt for the various kinds of tea so as to have a variety of tastes and nutritional benefits as well. On the nutritional benefits, for instance, you can reduce indigestion and bloat when you take peppermint tea. Black, oolong and green tea have been known to have cancer-fighting properties because they are rich in antioxidants.

It does not have to be a chore for you when you are looking to boost your immunity. As a matter of fact, you ought to have a relaxing and fun time with the above tips on natural ways that you can boost your immune system.