I will go to work today

13:00-20:00 Reception

If you contact us by 20:00, you can play until 23:30.

Please feel free to contact us

I went to my parents' house yesterday.

When I was chatting with my mother and sister, my sister suddenly said,

My mother said, "Hey, is there something on your arm? Peppers?"


Something small green stuck to the inside of my mother's wrist.

It certainly looks like chopped peppers.

However, yesterday's dinner was a pot, so the green peppers are not on the table.



And if you look closely...

It was a caterpillar.

But emotionally

Like this.

It's not big at all, it's a small and cute caterpillar.

But my mother was yelling at my sister, "Take it!!!"

My grandmother who was asleep at that scream woke up and said, "What's wrong? You yelled like that."

He said, "Pour hot water over it.

It's cruel (T to T)

My sister threw the caterpillar she had caught out the window.

Good job, caterpillar.

When my grandma found me, she was pouring hot water on me.

My sister is kind, so I gently threw it out of the window.

But how long have you been in your mother's arms?

I think it was probably attached to the vegetables, but then it would have been on my arm the entire time I was eating dinner...lol

Did you eat rice with caterpillars lol

I met my mother and sister for the first time in two weeks, and it was fun to talk about various things.

I look forward to working with you today.

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