A favorite artists of mine once sang "all I know, are sad songs." 

I know what he means as he harmonizes with songs and titles. 

All my poems are about the things that get to me

I guess it's because in this society the only way humans can empathize


or realize 

that things are bad are when we make it artistic. 

Because Art brings the community together through a rose covered veil 

They all listen intently to the tale we have to tell...if it rhymes.

The tale is much more vast than the eyes or script can fathom

The chasm left underneath the meaning sometimes goes unheading 

The poems I utter I can sputter in confidence because just like a sad song there's a fence around the true pain of what has happened 

The feeling of release to be able to write my peace and speak it aloud is a blessing that has been endowed.  

And although the majority of them are sad the art of what I do and how I speak is a lot less bleak. 

Representing those artist's who do not think they're valiant I can let you know you will reach your peak. And your chasm. And your peak again 

Because like any sad song, the notes and words climb and drop. But our support will stay the same. You do belong.