Pregnancy is one of the most impressive life journeys. You bring a little remix of yourself with small everything ad looking at them makes you shade happy tears. Popping the big news to family and friends is the next milestone that will probably bring in opinions and advice. You will be told on how you should watch what you eat and other things that are important but not too important as the things you are not told. Well, here are some things that you are never told about pregnancy.

You will have one of the strongest bonds 

The baby depends on you for everything as they grow in your womb. This means you will be extra careful with everything you do not to harm the baby. However, this is usually the beginning of the bond that you and your unborn child start creating. You will not realize it at first.

The first baby movement varies in women, but it is the first interaction between you and your baby. The movement (quickening) brings a whole new level of excitement and joy. You will continuously touch your belly hoping to feel the next movement. The excitement and anticipation continue to toughen the bond. Soon you will find yourself in a room alone talking to your swollen belly or even singing to your unborn child.

The struggles that you endure during pregnancy such as morning sickness and heartburn will also toughen that bond. You will enter a panic mode like ever before when your baby has not moved within their natural frequencies. You will love your child and with time although it will not be easy you will start feeling the pain is worth it. Mothers, during pregnancy and breastfeeding that is when nature shines us with an incredible bond with our babies.

The struggles that you endure during pregnancy such as morning sickness and heartburn will also toughen that bond

You will hate and love your hubby

It is true that during pregnancy our hormonal levels shoots up when they feel like. Let alone during menstrual cycles that you have minor mood swings. Pregnancy will give you significant mood swings on even things that used to make you happy. Sometimes you will laugh a lot and other times you will cry too.

You will probably blame your husband for what is happening to you. As your stomach swells, he is smoothly leaving his life. When your clothes do not fit you, and you look in the mirror and think you are fat, he has lost few pounds and looks awesome than ever. It is normal, and although people do not tell you sometimes, you will just look at your husband and get pissed.

He will make some changes around to make you feel comfortable. You will see him as the most beautiful man in the whole world. During pregnancy, emotions get heightened. This is for the men when she tells you that you are the worst and that it is all your fault. Do not take it seriously or get heartbroken continue trying to make to make her happy.

You will have insane cravings

Let me just tell you that your favorite meal now might not be so favorite during pregnancy. It is like pregnancy unleashes a side of us that we had never discovered. Smell, touch and even sound may trigger your urge to eat

Another exciting fact is that the cravings may change for each pregnancy that you have. You will find yourself getting comfort in eating a weird combination of foods. The cravings are like a switch once they come on the only way to switch it off is through quenching it. Don’t be surprised waking up in the middle of the night to snack.

Suppressing the cravings to reduce weight gain during pregnancy is missing out on all the fun. If your weight does not interfere with your health or the baby’s, then I say you quench your cravings as many times as they come.   

Total blackouts

This is one of the interesting things that no one tells us. We have to find out the hard way. You will have sleepless nights during some time and you will always be tired sometimes you do not even realize it. Getting to the couch and closing your eyes after office hours may translate to you waking up the following morning.

The first trimester is very notorious when it comes to playing with your sleep patterns. You will rest when it comes and no matter how hard you try to resist you will still go down. Sometimes you will beg even to get a 30 minutes sleep, but you will be up almost throughout the night.

The condition is, however, temporary, and you will start being energetic with regular sleeping patterns in the second trimester.

Body insecurities

There is a way that we have been accustomed to seeing our body each day we get out of the shower. Pregnancy changes that and although we know that will regain our body after birth that does not halt the insecurities.

When you are pregnant, your body transforms in preparation for birth. All the clothes that used to fit you become small. Your feet swells every time, and you can no longer wear heels to anywhere. Soon you even wish to see your feet because your swollen belly has blocked the view. The hormonal fluctuations will heighten the insecurity but do not beat yourself hard.

Soon you even wish to see your feet because your swollen belly has blocked the view

It’s okay to feel bad about the pressure that pregnancy feel. But each time you feel bad think of the baby and the little smile and tiny fingers. Or a body part that you would want your child to take after you and not the dad. The trick works to restore balance and make you happy again.

You become like a museum

You are going to get all the attention in the world. Family and friends will always want to know how you are faring. Strangers will compliment you because of your baby bump. You may even bump into several belly rubs from strangers.

The brighter side is that you will get favors. You will not have to queue for anything as people will let you pass them. You will get your colleagues walking you to the car carrying your bags. You will get attention anywhere you go.

You will have your doctor on speed dial

During the first pregnancy, most mothers do not know how to interpret signs or even what they are feeling. You may have a rough idea of friends, family, or even the internet. You will call your doctor on the slightest suspicion that something is wrong with the pregnancy. Sometimes the symptoms are normal, but we just have to confirm from the doctor.

You are probably going to leave that number on speed dial even after birth. It is good to be cautious so dial that speed number each time you are suspicious.

Regular burps and farts

The first trimester is not only weird because of the changes but also embarrassing. The digestion rate during the first trimester is slowed down, and this gives a leeway to the formation of gas in your stomach. The gas escapes your system through burps or farts. Do not worry when it happens because if the gas is retained in your system, you will end up feeling bloated.

They come unexpected, and that makes it hard for you to control them. However, feel free to blame it on your partner or your pet. It is the fun part of being pregnant. By the time you are in the second trimester it will be over.

As you plan for the major aspects of your pregnancy like your health and your baby’s get time also to appreciate the little things. Being pregnant is not an easy task, but it is a fun journey that is worth it on a million levels. One more thing, pregnancies are different depending on your health, genes ad so many other aspects. Enjoy your pregnancy without using other people’s experience to benchmark yours.