In the current modern environment, website owners and bloggers can earn money in a trouble-free way through affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing domain, there are affiliate marketing networks that act as intermediaries between merchants (product and services builders) and publishers (sellers of those products and services). 

An affiliate marketer only needs to sign up as a publisher in an affiliate marketing network that seems suitable. Once approved, the affiliate marketer will be offered a trackable link that will be placed on blogs, personal sites, and social channels to promote a merchant’s product or service. A commission will be generated when a reader chooses to purchase the product being sold via the affiliate site or blog.

List of best affiliate marketing networks 


Clickbank is a huge affiliate marketing network that has been in the industry for over 17 years. It has a customer database of 200 million, which it sells over 6 million digital products, making it one of the popular sites around. Click bank is digital product market is comparable to Amazon in the physical products market.

When a visitor visits Clickbank, may be searching for a specific guide or ebook, the visitor will find an assortment of digital products to choose. A reader can after that purchase the ebook, whether about finance, cooking or health and fitness, it can be instantly downloaded.


  • An affiliate can up to 75% commission on all sales.
  • It has proved to have a high score system regarding products.
  • It’s amongst the easiest affiliate marketing networks.

Amazon Associates Program

It is popular among all affiliate programs around the marketplace. In the US alone, it’s the biggest online retail chain and also the most popular. It has over a million products that publishers can promote on their websites. An affiliate marketer earns an average of 10% commission on all referred affiliate sales that are purchased through its links.


  • Its user interface is modest compared to some of its competitors.
  • It exhibits product reviews, online stores and personalized advertisements for visitors to check.
  • It’s a top brand with a good reputation.

CJ Affiliate Network

Fortune 500 companies affiliate network has highly preferred this network since it is one of the oldest major online retailers. CJ Affiliate formerly referred as Commission Junction (CJ) is amongst the most popular affiliate networks around. It stocks one of the environmentally friendly products in the market.


  • Its commissions are 30-50% higher compared to other in-house affiliate programs.
  • When compared to a site like ShareASale, it has a larger merchant database.
  • Its products are better than Clickbank.


It’s not a new affiliate network as it has been around for more than 15 years. Many bloggers and some website owners around have admired it as since the network holds over 4,000 affiliate programs. It makes it easy for an affiliate marketer to get a particular advertiser on ShareASale that could not be found on CJ. Its merchant mix entails niches like green products, web development, fashion, and Internet marketing.


  • A very friendly user interface.
  • The conversion rate of its goods and services to affiliate sales is fairly good.
  • Its niche brands are strong as they are major brands.

Rakuten Affiliate Network

It had topped the affiliate network charts for several years when it was known as LinkShare. It has a customer database of 18 million that constantly search for over 90000 products that it stocks. It’s a reputable network although the advertisers aren’t as many as other top affiliate websites.


  • There are brands that prefer this network compared to other affiliate programs.
  • Both affiliates and merchants find this network convenient to their needs.
  • It saves the affiliate time and efforts.

eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network

It represents and its affiliate partners from all over the globe. eBay being an online affiliate network that has been there for 20 years has the eBay partner network that has excellent tracking, reporting, and tools. Every time an affiliate shares and sales items through its customized link, a commission is earned.


  • There are a wide variety of products, services, and companies that affiliate marketers can promote.
  • It has an exclusive network where green products can be retailed.

PepperJam Affiliate Network

It permits its affiliates to perform their affiliate marketing work using its peppy interface professionally. It has thousands of merchants that are ready to sell their products to various customers. Over time, it is increasingly becoming a popular network since most of the trusted brands are starting to advertise on it. There are excellent products that bloggers can pick easily to promote.


  • It’s an excellent link for all your favorite stock of products.
  • The texts, buttons, banners or images are clear and link directly to a variety of products.
  • It has a reasonable statistical information that an affiliate can rely on when making decisions.

Neverblue Affiliate Program

It is another great affiliate marketing network that has a global presence. This online retail platform connects affiliates and advertisers smoothly in a coherent partnership. It is rapidly implementing new tools that affiliate can use to transact and attract visitors to check and purchase merchant’s products.


  • Its commission rates are highly competitive as its offers affiliates 10% commission on sales compared to other networks that give 8.5%.
  • Its customer support service for affiliates is exceptional and available when in problems.

What is your favorite affiliate network?

Depending on the niche that you as an affiliate marketer are targeting to generate income, a bunch of affiliate programs exists to cater for the needs. Through your website, you will be able to make connections that boost your audience and traffic then later sale. However, finding which network works for you and which one doesn’t can be somewhat difficult.

To find out whether you are on the right on your choice of an affiliate program, you need to analyze the nature of the traffic coming to your website and learn what interests your audience. Then, test the different programs, offers, and advertisers to find out what is applicable. Then, in no time you will be making hundreds of thousands of dollars out of your favorite affiliate marketing network.

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