Schooling is one of the biggest decisions that parents have to make in their children’s lives. Whatever you decide will affect the child for the rest of their lives. Children possess different talents, skills, and personality. The decision on which type of schooling is best for your child will depend on which system brings out the best of their potential. Most parents would wish to take their children to private schools, but the budget is just too much. 


This is one of the most important aspects of human life. You are trained on how to appreciate and cope with people who have different personalities and social status. Public schooling brings together students from different homes, religion, culture, and also personalities. It gives the student a chance to not only get a formal education but also to get survival skills away from their families. Students learn to trust other people who are not part of their family. They create friends outside their family’s social circle.

Homeschooling, on the other hand, has socialization but on a different level. Parents get to spend more time with their children and know them. The bond between the child and the parents become stronger. Students in homeschooling are socialized with other children that are close to their families or are in the same neighborhood. This means that they are socialized with people in the same social class.

Academic Qualities

Homeschooling is aimed at strengthening the student’s weakness and boosting their strengths. The students get a quality education because parents choose the best curriculum. The one-on-one connection that the child is given in homeschooling enables them to perform better in their studies. Statistics indicated that homeschooled children performed better academically than their counterparts in public schools.

Public schooling is characterized by many students in the same class. The ratio of students to the teacher may be overwhelming for them to give each student the attention needed. This means that some students who are weak in certain subjects will not get the professional help they need from their teachers. Public schooling encourages group studies among students who work to some extent but not as good as it would when children get professional help.

 Safety of the Schools

There have been any incidences of bullying, drug abuse, and even shoot out in public schools. Bullying in schools is not only physical but also emotional. Children who are different get a hard time coping with the peers. Peer pressure is also a factor that can cause insecurity. Public schools have social groups and students get directly or indirectly initiated by this groups. The peers can pressure your child into activities that naturally they will not do.

Homeschooling is one of the safest schooling models. Parents give their children a sense of security and acceptance. This gives the child more time to focus on their academic performance rather than thinking about how their peers perceive them. Bullying can cloud a child’s academic excellence because they dread school. Homeschooling takes away this negativity that can hinder a child from achieving their potential. Learning is easier when it is done in a familiar place and people compared to doing it in a new location.

Competitive Nature

The world is a competitive arena, and sometimes we lose and sometimes we also gain. Some people are better than us in certain aspects of life. A child is growing knowing the existence of both sides is important. Public schools are competitive in nature from sports to academic. Children are continually placed in a position where they have to compete against one another. This prepares them for the world outside the school where they will compete for almost everything for their survival.

Homeschooling is comfortable, and children face limited competition. They grow up knowing that they are the best in everything they do. This confidence is good for the outside world, but sometimes the confidence is misplaced. They take it hard when they lose something to other people because they are not exposed to failure.

Family Values

Our values and beliefs are what makes us different from other people. It provides a sense of identity and uniqueness for a family. Through homeschooling, parents can easily pass down the family’s tradition, values, and beliefs. The children grow up with the same sense of identity and morals that their parents have instilled in them.

Children in public schools interact with other kids from different families. They peers may have different beliefs, values, and sense of moral. The interaction may end up diluting the family values that we have instilled in our children. Some students will not appreciate the values and to fit in our children end up disserting our values and traditions.

Maturity Level

The level of homeschooled children maturity is incredible. Although, they interact with their peers most of the time they interact at a personal level with older people. This gives them a leeway to adapt to the maturity standards of the people they interact with.

Personality is a factor also in the standard of how mature a student is. However, in public schools, students mostly interact with their peers. This means that the maturity level will grow at the same rate as their age. However, the peers who the student hangs out with will determine the maturity rate of your child.


Homeschooling shelters the child from what the world is really about. As they learn only to trust their family members and close friends. The world is painted in black and white to them. Although, homeschooling is trying to add social events such as sports and trips for the students this is not enough.

Public schools expose students to the real world. It shows them that it is good to trust other people. Students learn to judge the character of the people they bring close to them. This makes it so easy for them to adapt to any environment they are placed.

Both schooling models have their strengths and weakness. When it comes to choosing which model to go with, then your child’s personality and character will determine. Both are good models but which one works best for your child?