It is said that “A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.” This clearly supports the fact that dogs are indeed man’s best friend.

Dogs share our lives in a special way with a love so pure that it’s easy to sometimes take their presence for granted.

Life is full of ups and downs and here are 5 reasons why we believe that dogs are our best friends!

They Love Unconditionally:-

We never have to earn a dog’s love, and we don’t have to love them first. They choose to love us no matter what, wholeheartedly, unquestioningly, absolutely, no strings attached. Even when we don’t deserve it, even when we don’t love ourselves, even when we’re angry that they’ve created a mess in the house, they love us anyway.

They know us better than we know ourselves:- No matter what you’re going through, dogs will always be there to make things better.Having a wonderful day? Your dog knows and wants to play. Feeling low? Your dog can tell and will leave you alone or comfort you (yes, they know which you need). What else could one ask for!

They take care of us:-

Dogs can literally save your life. Be it providing emotional support in the form of love and infinite cuddles or literal protection from physical harm, they will protect you in every situation! They bark when a stranger comes to the door, or a child gets too close to danger. They wake us up if there’s a natural disaster. They sense earthquakes before they strike. Dogs will risk their lives to save yours without question or concern.

No Judgments Whatsoever:-

There is no word such as ‘Judgement’ in a dog’s dictionary.They will never say I told you so. Not ever. They will only curl up with you on the couch or the floor and love you for you. They don’t care what anybody else in the entire world thinks of you. They love you for who you are and that helps you love yourself a little more.

They are always up for whatever you want to do:-

Dogs are partners in crime (or fun). They are on board with whatever you have in mind. Feel like a run? They’re in. Feel like a nap? Of course. They are all in all the time. They will be by your side no matter what.

A small dog with boy

These are just some of the reasons why dogs are our best friends, and there many many more. We are so lucky to have dogs in our lives as they make everything better just by existing.

We at BellyRubs Best Pet Products Online India honor this bond and strive hard to provide the best pet products for your doggos, so we can show how much we love them.

Thank You doggos for being there with us, for us. Always! We love you!

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