We always need duplicate keys handy. The keys are the easiest thing to misplace. One can easily lose them and not remember where. Sometimes, a spare key can also get misplaced. Or one can need an extra one for a roommate, family members, and friends. There can be any possible reason, but finding a trustworthy Key Cutting service nearby is essential. Here, we will know the options one can trust for key-cutting services.

Why go for Key Duplication Services

Key duplication services are important in assuring you have access to your property whenever in need. It is stressful to lose and misplace the keys. It is always good to have a backup. In addition to it, having spare keys can be convenient if one has frequent visitors. Spare keys also come in handy if one needs to provide access to others regularly.

Local Locksmiths

Going to locally available locksmiths is often the easiest and most trustworthy option for getting duplicate keys. These professionals have the tools and the expertise to cut the keys accurately. With their efficient services and experience, the locksmiths ensure that your new duplicated key fits accurately into the lock without any problem. One of the important advantages of going to a local locksmith is their availability. Professional locksmiths offer emergency services. You just need to call them and they will reach your place for help. It means that they can assist you promptly even when you require duplicate keys beyond your business hours.

Local locksmiths often have a large variety of blank keys for a variety of locks. They can provide duplicate keys for various types of locks at residential buildings, commercial properties, and different vehicles.

Hardware Stores

Another alternative for duplicating keys is to search for Locksmith Near Me and visit a hardware store in your local area. Many hardware stores provide key duplication services for the comfort of the customers. This can be helpful in situations when you don’t have a locksmith nearby. Hardware stores often have easy-to-use key-cutting machines. One simply has to bring the original key and select the blank key of your choice. After that, the machine will do its work to create a duplicate key. It does not have the expertise of a locksmith, but you will get your functional duplicate key quickly. However, the hardware stores have limited options. If you need a specialized high-security key replication, always reach for a proficient locksmith.

Online Key Duplication Services

In this digital age, there are online key-cutting services too. Many websites provide remote key duplication services. It allows you to order duplicate keys from the comfort of your place. This option can be very convenient if you do not have locksmiths or hardware stores nearby. To get the online key-cutting services, you just have to upload the image of your original key and furnish the necessary details. The website owners will then create duplicate keys and deliver them to your doorsteps. It takes longer than going to a Residential Locks personally, but it is easy for people who love to shop online. Online key duplication services are accessible and convenient. But, they are not suitable for every situation. Consulting a locksmith is still recommended if you need immediate services or need specialized duplicate keys.


There are many options available for duplicating keys. Local locksmiths provide reliability and expertise. The services at a hardware store provide the convenience of quick duplication. For remote solutions, online key-cutting services are optimal. By choosing the right Key Cutting services, you will get much-needed peace of mind that you have access to your property even if you lose the original key. At Cunneen Locksmiths, we have all types of the latest security solutions and exceptional key duplication services at genuine prices. Our professionals are licensed and insured. So, you can avail of our expert services worry-free. Contact us to learn more.