I will go to work today


I want to leave the office at 21:00 today, so the reception time is different than usual.

Inquiries, Reservations

Thank you

Corgi walking.

I saw something I shouldn't have seen.

Do you understand?

Please go up.

Can you understand...

This cruel sight...

that's right.

Remains of tempura soba.

I probably bought it at the supermarket next door, said I didn't need a plastic bag, and dropped it on the way...

I am sad and in tears.

What did this person eat when he got home?

Did you buy the same thing at the supermarket next door?

I... can't.

At the supermarket next door, there is only one person working the cash register at this time, so if it was just after I passed by, I think the same clerk would be in charge of the cash register.


Didn't this person come to buy the same thing just now? Even if you bought something different, why are you coming to buy lunch again? You may wonder.

And when that person leaves the supermarket...

The dumped tempura soba...


I am very sad.

The tempura soba that they didn't eat,

people who dropped it.

After the plastic bag is paid, huh? Can you do without that amount bag? I see people with a lot of products, but this is what happens! !

Please be careful.

However, even though a shopping bag is only 3 yen, when you think that you got it for free, you are reluctant to give that 3 yen.

It's strange~

I bought an eco bag for 1980 yen, but I have to use it 660 times to get it back.

This eco bag is going to be useless before 660 uses...

Sometimes I forget my eco bag.

Back to the topic, I put it in a bag properly and take it home without dropping it lol

Then the rest of the time

thank you.

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