I will go to work today
13:00-21:00 Reception
If you contact us by 21:00, you can play until 23:30.
Please feel free to contact us
When I woke up in the morning, the cat's food bowl was down.
(above the kitchen sink)
I think corgi ate it because the contents were gone beautifully.
So, the head of the decorated figure was taken off and it was lying in the distance.

I think it probably went wild in the middle of the night, overturned the bait, and knocked down the figure.
Sometimes the cat will hold a sports day in the middle of the night.
This was also done by my parent's cat, so I wonder if it's normal for cats?
Corgi sleeps peacefully at night.
Corgis can run full speed back and forth around the house at some point.
Runaway mode.
I think I'll get complaints from people below me, but I haven't received any complaints so far.
Either way, I want you to stop.
Stay quiet at home!

I look forward to working with you today.
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