Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference

Check out our upcoming Textile Sustainability Conferences in 2022 - This Conference will focus towards regenerative apparel: how brands can transform supply chains drive positive social impacts on the route to net-zero.

This virtual three-day sustainability conference will address how brands can adapt practices to move towards regenerative apparel and deliver on growing stakeholder expectations. We’ll equip delegates with the best-practice and guidance to develop net-zero strategies, transform supply chains, engage consumers, scale circularity, and drive positive social impacts.

Social impact

How to tackle the challenges in ensuring a truly ethical supply chain and delivering a clear, positive impact for workers

Environmental performance

The leading practices to implement circularity, drive regenerative agriculture, and take effective action on climate to achieve net-zero targets

Factory engagement and manufacturing

Brand and factory perspectives on how best to transform factories and the manufacturing process to ensure sustainable and ethical supply

Consumer trust and expectations

How to genuinely engage consumers in sustainable fashion and translate current and emerging trends into effective corporate strategy.

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