Wednesday and Thursday
was closed.
On Wednesday, I went to the beauty salon and had my hair cut and treated.
A person who has been in charge for nearly seven years gave birth to a baby in August and showed me a photo.
She's so cute and full of motherhood.
After that, I bought side dishes at the Odakyu department store, went to my parents' house, and ate them with my grandma.
Grandma couldn't eat white rice (it didn't taste good), so she bought steamed rice.
If it tastes good, you can eat it.
I also love glutinous rice, so I bought matsutake mushroom okowa, chestnut kowa, shrimp kowa and gomoku kowa.
It's been a long time since I've had no plans on Thursday, so I changed clothes, which I've been putting off for a long time.
I also received the clothes I bought online, but the length was so short that I laughed.
It's funny, so maybe I'll post it in my photo diary next time lol
I made seafood stew last night.
Oysters were half price, so I put a lot of them in, and I added clams, scallops, and shrimp, and I made an expensive stew.
And now, after changing clothes, I'm dazed on the bed, and I'm writing a photo diary with a start.
It was a holiday diary.
though being late
on monday and tuesday
everyone who came
Good friends at 14:30
thank you for always
Thank you for coming to see me a lot lately.
Because it was that hotel, it was easy to do various things!
After all, the bigger the bath, the better!
And it was fun because there were more than usual
It's fun to talk about various things in a relaxed manner, and I'm very happy that you keep coming to see me.
I can't thank you enough
I won't quit yet, so don't worry
let's play again next time
Nice to meet you
Thank you for choosing me from among the many girls.
It was a fun time to talk about various things
Thank you for the delicious sweets and drinks.
because you were so kind
Have a nice and fun day
come again everyone
thank you very much
next time
21st (Fri)
13:00-20:00 Reception
I will go to work at
We are waiting for your inquiry and reservation.
October shift.
I would be happy if you could understand
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