One important tool in ensuring the durability of packaging is the box compression strength tester. This device is used to test the strength and durability of corrugated boxes, which are commonly used for shipping due to their robustness and impact resistance. The volume of shipments and associated procedures has increased significantly in today’s interconnected world. This is largely due to the expansion of global markets, which has led to a surge in demand for a diverse array of goods. However, as products travel long distances before reaching consumers, manufacturers must use reliable packaging to ensure that their items remain in optimal condition.

The Role of Corrugated Boxes in Packaging

Corrugated boxes are a popular choice for packaging due to their robustness, impact resistance, affordability, and availability. They can withstand the rigors of transportation and storage, making them ideal for protecting goods during the shipping process.

Challenges Faced by Corrugated Boxes

Despite their durability, corrugated boxes face challenges during storage and transportation. Boxes are often stacked to maximize cargo capacity, which can stress their durability. Stacking boxes can lead to damage, especially to lower-stacked boxes, resulting in significant losses for manufacturers. This is particularly concerning when transporting fragile, explosive, or perishable goods, as damage can pose serious safety and financial risks.

The Need for Box Compression Strength Testing

To avoid these problems and ensure the safety of their products, corrugated box manufacturers conduct box compression strength tests before shipping. These tests simulate the challenges that boxes face when stacked in confined spaces, helping manufacturers determine if their packaging can withstand the pressures of transportation and storage.

Introducing the Box Compression Strength Tester by Effective Lab India

Effective Lab India offers a Box Compression Strength Tester, a lab testing device designed to accurately test the compression strength of corrugated boxes. This device is widely used by manufacturers around the world for its accuracy and reliability.

How the Box Compression Strength Tester Works

The Box Compression Strength Tester works by simulating the pressures that a corrugated box experiences when stacked. The operator activates the instrument using the rotary switch on the control panel, and the compression plate descends at a rate of 12.5 mm per minute, exerting a force ranging from 500 to 1500 KgF, depending on the size of the specimen.

Features of the Box Compression Strength Tester

The Box Compression Strength Tester boasts several features that ensure accurate testing and compliance with ASTM standards. These include:

Lead Screw Mechanism: Allows for linear movement of the compression plate, supported by a load cell with a maximum capacity of 1500 KgF.

Accurate Sample Placement: Carved labels on the sample placement platform assist operators in precisely positioning specimens for accurate testing.

Digital Displays: Advanced microprocessor-based digital displays show the amount of deformation caused by applied pressure and the peak force before distortion.

Safety Features: Limit and safety switches prevent over-compression of specimens, ensuring the safety of both the sample and the instrument.

Robust Construction: Made of mild steel and powder-coated for durability, the instrument is both aesthetically pleasing and corrosion-resistant.

The Box Compression Strength Tester by Effective Lab India is a valuable tool for corrugated box manufacturers, ensuring that their packaging is robust enough to withstand the rigors of transportation and storage. With its accuracy and reliability, this device helps manufacturers maintain the integrity of their products and reduce the risk of damage during shipping.