Keep in mind I have 10 plus years of experience in babysitting, but nothing can truly prepare you of the joys of parenthood. Now, I am not at all saying it is all rainbows and butterflies because obviously it is not, but the joys of it makes it all worth it in the end. 

What am I talking about? Well, you are truly in control of your child's outcome. You are responsible for teaching them how to crawl, walk, talk, use the bathroom, how to eat, how to act, and the list goes on. However, the joys I am talking about is the laughter you get from watching your children learn. 

For instance, my youngest is in the early stages of learning how to walk. So as you can imagine he does not have many words in his vocabulary just yet. Anyways, when he falls he looks up at us and sticks his bottom lip out and pretends he is crying. I mean he even squints his eyes. It is one of the funniest things ever. 

I could not even get mad when I put my toothbrush in my mouth and it tasted like it had been put in the toilet. I just had to roll my eyes and ask my oldest what he had done. When he showed me all I could do is again laugh and tell him why he cannot put our toothbrushes in the toilet. 

There was also a time, not too long ago, where my oldest's carpet was getting 2 big holes in it. One thing I should note is our house is brand new. I mean we have just hit our first year of living in here and it was not even finished when we bought it. 

Anyways, so I ask my son where his carpet went. He is 2.5 years old so communication is all about him showing me right now. Well, that is exactly what he did. He showed me what he was doing. The door stoppers that we had were dangerous and easily able to be pulled out of the wall so we decided to take them out. Well, he decided while he was resting before bed time that he would take a strand out and stuff it into the hole where the door stopper used to be. He showed me exactly how he was doing it too. 

I have to say though the best was when I walked into my oldest's room to 12 night time diapers in the fish tank. Okay, let me back up a minute here. When my son was turning 1 we had just moved into a condo temporarily until we could find a house to buy. My son's room was outside a busy road so he was not sleeping well. 

So, we decided for his birthday we would buy him a fish tank to put in his room and by the way it worked great. It even taught him responsibility. Well, a few months back I walked in after nap time to find 12 night time diapers in the tank.

The only reason why I even found out was because when I opened the door to let him out instead of him coming out immediately like he normally did he was whining saying mama please and pointing to the tank. As I looked up I had to walk away so I could have a good laugh.

Then I had to walk back in and explain why putting diapers, a binky, and a few toys in the tank was wrong and how he could have hurt the fish. No worries though all three fish survived the 12 night time diaper. I still get a laugh out of this one. Needless to say we have moved the fish tank out of his room and into a room where it can be adult supervised. 

While all these are great and make us laugh to this day, there are other joys of parenting as well. Like the excitement you get when your child finally realizes they can walk on their own or that they can put blocks together or that they can kick a soccer ball. 

Another joy of parenting is learning from our kids. I have learned to have so much more patience as a parent then I ever had to have before. Not much bothers me anymore. 

Anyways, there are many forms of joy when it comes to parenting. So, if you are becoming a first time parent do not be frightened you will do just fine and you will have those joyous moments as well. 

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