Life, I had such big plans. But plans when you're grown are more like sand, in your hand. Time is never expendable. It's like a keleidescope, it turns and blooms; beckons for you to get lost in the thought that time is irrelevant. And although it may seem benevolent if you're intelligent you know to get anywhere in this life your understanding of time is just the prelude of the strife we strive to diminish. With each passing breath time is measured by the beginning of life to death. And the further you dive into the scope the more you lose all hope that the shapes will continue to bloom. Turn the swoon of the pretty colors into the complexity of the moon, stars, planets and the black holes that just seem to sweep up every inch of light and soul and goal you have. Nobody knows what's at the end of those, but I have a good idea it's on the tip of my nose. Although I cannot see it I know it's there. Somewhere between time, light, and absence thereof we all care. That's truly the end goal since the beginning. To travel back to the days before sinning.

As I lie awake I think of the break between time and sorrow. Don't live life like time allows you another tomorrow. In the keleidescope, ever changing, live your life like your time is borrowed.