From the simplest things like meals and outfits for the day, to the more complex things like how we ought to live our lives when we’re older and whatnot, we all have different preferences as to how we go about leading our lives. Some things start with just an idea that sparked a person’s mind and then went a long way unplanned, and some things start with a goal already in mind, with each and every step already premeditated and calculated.

Whether you’re a control freak or a spontaneous type of person, one thing is for sure: there is no such thing as a right nor a wrong way to live a life. One move may have worked out for one person, but it doesn’t mean it would definitely work out for another with a hundred percent certainty. 

Take into account experiences, skills, beliefs, backgrounds and a whole lot of things, anything can’t ever be the same. That being said, nevertheless, a lot of people still somehow end up judging the ones that are different from them. It would be such a hypocrisy to say one hadn’t done that ever in their life, but it’s always good to check out the other side of the story to really see and understand what’s really out there.

What the happy-go-lucky says

Isn’t stressing on something that could easily go out of hand just plain irrational? Live your life day by day and enjoy every moment of it. Rid your mind of “what if’s” that could never happen, of paranoia that could eventually devour you in one whole bite, of your obsession on planning things that could easily go out of hand, of every little thing that puts you out of the present.

As you free yourself and eventually develop a peaceful stature, you get to be more focused and clear-minded when complications arise. Do you think it is worthy solving a problem that doesn’t even exist whilst actually breaking yourself?

You try to focus on the future so much that you’re unconsciously wasting off your precious present. And when the day comes you get to put to reality what you had planned in the past, you are already planning for the next. When do you sincerely enjoy your time? You’re only focusing on and chasing what could make you contented, instead of relishing what you already have.

As long as you know what you want, what makes you happy, and you’re doing something with it, you are good to go. The important thing is you’re moving forward, and you’re savouring every tad bit of experience every moment of the time. Opportunities are everywhere, it knocks when it knocks, it crosses your path when it’s right. What may seem insignificant ages ago grows to something bigger you couldn’t imagine in the future. So just handle it gracefully now, and you’ll always reap it when the right time comes.

Who knows what your creativity could accomplish with the go-with-the-flow attitude?

The planning freak’s point of view

What are your short term and long term goals? What’s your plan for the summer? What are you going to do later? Is there any specific place you want to go to? Do you have a bucket list? What’s your ultimate career plan? Is there any skill or knowledge you want to learn? How do you get a grasp on them? How do you turn them into reality?

These questions may seem bizarre to you now, especially when it just randomly popped out out of nowhere. But really, do you have any solid plans for the future, at least for every month, or for the whole year?

The point here is planning. How do you think you could actually achieve everything you aspire when you don’t know what you got to do? You see, when you know what you want, you have to mentally (or even physically!) jot down the step by steps, backwards. What may seem like an impossible goal now, when broken down into mini milestones, could actually be a piece of cake in the long run.

Think like you’re going for a hike. Looking at the mountain peak, it may seem so far away, tiring, and difficult. So instead, what you should do is focus on the every step leading to that peak. Focus on what you’re stepping onto now. You’ll stumble when you don’t carefully look at your steps. So you go on your trail, knowing that you’re moving forward, towards the peak. What seems impossible then is now so reachable. You know where to go, you break them down into milestones, and soon enough, you’re already halfway, and then a quarter, and then finally, just a few feet away.

The judgement

Situations, aspirations, and chances cross people’s life differentlyat different circumstances and emotional states, at varied facades. Some of us were honed in a certain way, and some, in another. Even you, yourself, may seem like a totally different person years ago, compared to your own self now. The key is always balance and acceptance.

You can never truly figure out life. It is tricky; it is playful. So just live it. Go plan your aspirations, yet don’t be so grounded on it that you don’t get to enjoy the surprises life throws at you. Stay focused and go, but still feel every second of your life and let go to the little spurs of the moment. Know the steps you have to take and meticulously strategize them, but still leave a little room for spontaneity.

Balance yourself and accept the ironies of the world and the people navigating in it. You don’t have to know and have everything, as long as you’re certain of something, and that something keeps you kicking. One can be a planner, but a crazy, happy one. And sometimes, one can also seem like a happy-go-lucky, a spontaneous one, but so broken and hollow inside. It’s just all about perspective. So, get up and go.