Most people involved in practicing Vaginal Kung Fu only concentrate on the actual physical elements of pelvic floor exercises. Yet, it attracts our attention to something that is not always highlighted, and that is the breathwork in this meditation. As in all traditional martial arts, breath control is fundamental to being strong and focused. So using proper breathing techniques in Vaginal Kung Fu will limit its effectiveness and intensify your contact with your body. We will go through the importance of breath regulation in the Vaginal Kung Fu workout.

Mind-Body Connection

Breathing work acts as a bridge between mind and body, making it easier to understand and control pelvic floor muscles at the same time. Breathing in sync with your pelvic movements provides a deeper connection with your pelvic floor muscles. It allows you to engage and release these muscles. This awareness brings greater mindfulness and a sense of purpose to the practice. Moreover, it also ensures better results in the long term.

Relaxation and release

It was taking deep and rhythmic breaths that encourage the relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles. Vaginal Kung Fu exercises are beneficial for relieving the buildup of tension. A large number of women carry around this stress from stress, anxiety, or past trauma. It may prevent such exercises from being effective. Moreover, the technique allows the uterine muscles to relax evenly. It also enables them to work during the push and let-go phases.

Support During Contractions

Correctly positioned breathing can be helpful to your pelvic floor management. It is especially for beginners who might have difficulty isolating and using only the necessary muscles. You can shape the muscles and by exhaling as you contract the pelvic floor. It allows the natural lift to happen. This deep breath-out additionally helps prevent extra stress on the other muscle groups. Moreover, it also provides a more fun and effective workout.

Enhanced Sexual Pleasure

There is a strong link between breath and sexual arousal. Rhythmic breathing is often associated with high levels of pleasure, and orgasms are one of them. You can learn to relate to the sensations in your pelvic area, thus increasing sexual pleasure and satisfaction. The controlled techniques for breathing and moving can also be used to intensify the emotional and physical bond between the two of you.

Ending Note

Based on breath work, Vaginal Kung Fu improves the mind-body connection, induces relaxation, and boosts energy flow to the pelvic region. You can discover a deeper awareness of pelvic floor muscles and the effectiveness of your exercises. It will help you to achieve better sexual pleasure by breathing instead of only with your body. So, a deep breath, body connection, and the technique of breathing help you become a master of Vaginal Kung Fu.