One hundred and ninety-six countries, seven continents, countless cultures and behavioural types, and yet, people around the world are over-simplified by stereotypes. Stemming from ill-feelings, adornment for one’s nation, a sort of a propaganda movement, and a lot more, there are all sorts of reasons stereotypes are made.

Some hold a bit of truth in them, and some just out of the world crazy. What may seem a valid stereotype of A for B may totally be different compared to what C would say about B. Although very misleading, stereotyping people by their origin or race is very common. Others, just for laughs; some, merely for striking racist punch lines; and more commonly, due to lack of knowledge. 

Whether this is something to make you laugh or make you ponder about your own origin, here are general stereotypes of the people from the seven continents: 


It is so easy and very common to stereotype Asians as they are one of those people on Earth who are very distributed around the globe. We could see and cross by one on almost anywhere we go. And so, hearing stereotypes of them could seem normal to the point that it has evolved into a sort of an identifier.

Interestingly, although a lot of Asians look different from each other and is very culturally diverse, when people from other places hear the word Asian, they almost instantly think of squinty monolid eyed, timid person. 

In the West, Asians are more commonly stereotyped to be good in academics (especially mathematics), socially awkward, and industrious. They are also thought to be the kind of people with utmost patience, understanding, and capacity for tolerating racist remarks and trash talks from other people. Nevertheless, in some other countries, Asians are thought to be rowdy non-English speakers with no etiquettes. 


Africa is the continent with most number of countries, having 53 recognised ones. Nevertheless, they are also very usually generalized and compressed into just one type of body. Being the poorest continent, all Africans are stereotyped to be poor. Blame the media, but it could be because it is how Africans are often shown and portrayed on social media and televisions globally.

Also, alongside with the thought that it is always hot in Africa, people from Africa are also stereotyped as black people with curly hair. Moreover, they are perceived to be a place where innovations couldn’t be made. 

And oh! One fun fact: It isn’t true that people from Africa are overflowing with sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. 

North America 

Although there is North and South America as two different continents, it is funny how a lot of people think that Americans are all automatically people from the United States of America. Nope!

Most people around the world stereotype North Americans as fat and lazy, vocal liberals who don’t actually have a sense of real patriotism. Sounds crazy, right? Nevertheless, some of them (mostly Canadians) are thought to be polite and apologetic. 

In general, they are said to be easy-going and fond of small talk even with strangers, which is not very usual on other places on the globe, especially Asia. 

South America 

Although related and often confused interchangeably with North America, South America is stereotyped very differently.

South Americans are generally labelled as fit individuals who likes sports. This continent is also known to be a home for beauty queens. In contrast to this as being home for beautiful creatures, they are assumed to be generally rude and disrespectful. 


Surely, there are people living in Antarctica. It could be because Antarctica is barely inhabited, usually only by scientists, researchers and tourists with brave hearts, they are as if they don’t really exist much to the rest of the world.

When the rest of the world think of Antarctica, they think of ice, not people. Almost as if there are actually no life forms existing in the continent. And this is not really surprising as there aren’t really much people, especially indigenous ones, living on this continent. And since this is the case, there isn’t really much valid stereotypes surfacing about people in Antarctica, except maybe of people covered in ice, freezing to death (kidding). 


Often compared to the Americans, Europeans are said to be more stylish. It may be because of their slender bodies and fast metabolism, that’s just the way it is. They are perceived to be giving high regard on their physical appearance given that a lot of big fashion houses are in their homeland.

On the dark note though, Europeans are stereotyped to be very straightforward, even at the expense of the emotions of the person they are talking to, something which could be a plus or a total no-no to other people. 

Europeans are also stereotyped to be people who like to eat, drink and smile. They are thought to be carefree people who likes to travel and interact with new environment. 

They are also thought to be very humanitarian, concerned of their neighbours, but never overstepping lines. They seem to be stereotyped with complications with their own, having both hot and cold in one. 


Many people think that Australia is all land and water, but that is quite not true. There are also a handful of city and buildings in Australia where the friendly and outgoing Australians go to.

With the number of waters surrounding their land, they are often perceived to be a bunch of surfers. They are beach-bodied creatures who enjoy and live the beach life, all day err day. They are thought to be good swimmers, and they are perceived to be really, really tan. 

Moreover, they are also negatively stereotyped as people who love drinking and watching sports while just chilling on their swimsuits, thongs, beach wear, and flip flops. No formal wear. No slacks, no collared polos and no neck ties.