1. Poveglia Island. Venice, Italy

A city that is full of mystery is Venice, Italy. The history of this city is littered with ghost stories and murder mysteries. The most haunted area of Venice is without a doubt Poveglia Island. Most venetians will refuse to take tourists there. It once served as a quarantine area for those with the plague in the 18th Century, after which it became a mass grave for the victims. Later in the 1920’s they opened an Insane Asylum where doctors allegedly experimented on patients with excruciating practices like lobotomies. One doctor is said to have jumped from a hospital tower after claiming to be terrorized by ghosts. The asylum closed in 1968 and was left abandoned until this day. City Tours offers trips around the island; it takes 10 minutes to get there from San Marco square.

2. Old Changi Hospital, Singapore 

Abandoned hospitals are always a favourite for ghost hunters. The Old Changi Hospital is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Asia! Once a military hospital in the 1930’s, it was overtaken by the Japanese in World War Two and used as a prison and torture facility for the Japanese Secret Police. It was closed in 1997, but there have been ghostly sightings here ever since the 40’s. Most of the supernatural activity is seen in the Mortuary and one of the torture chambers. People have reported seeing men, women, children and bloodied soldiers wandering the hall ways!

3. The Tower of London 

For those looking for a goof ghost story, London has a never ending list of sights and stories for them. You can take tours that unravel the horrors of Jack the Ripper, or the London Dungeon, or even 50 Berkely Square, where the spirit of a young girl who committed suicide is said to remain there, scaring people to death (literally). The most interesting tourist destination is The Tower of London. Also known as the ‘Bloody Tower’, for 900 years this was a prison and execution center. Here over 100 people, including royalty, where executed. Many of these victims are said to still be trapped in this prison, one of the most prominent being Queen Anne Boleyn. You can take personal after-hours tours or the normal tours throughout the day of the tower.

4. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland  

Scotland is riddled with historic ruins and ghostly stories. The city of Edinburgh is a particularly haunted destination. The top of the list of attractions here include Mary King’s Close, which was a street closed off during the plague to keep those infected away from the rest of the city. There is also the Edinburgh Vaults, which is an underground location once housing pubs and shops, is a sight of many ghostly apparitions. The most haunted place is however, Edinburgh Castle. This building has existed since the Iron Age! With such a long history it’s not a surprise that it has a dark past. People have reported seeing former servants, a headless drummer boy, and a man who died within the tunnels of the castle.

5. The Duran Sanatoriam. Cartago, Costa Rica 

Another hospital, with an equally eerie past. The Duran Sanatorium has been closed since 1973, but has still remained full of activity! From 1915, patients of the Sanatorium where treated for tuberculosis in one wing and mental illness in another wing. In 1963 the sanatorium closed and the building was converted into an orphanage and then later a prison. It’s no wonder that a building which served as a hospital, an orphanage AND a prison has a lingering negative energy! People have reported sightings of a nun who once worked as a nurse as well as a young girl who died from TB.

6. Bhangarh Fort. Rajasthan, India 

The most haunted place in India! Bhangarh Fort is rumored to be cursed. It was built in the 1600’s to protect the people from invading forces. A story tells of a sorcerer who, while trying to seduce a young princess who lived in the castle, died from his own magic and in turn cursed the palace and its inhabitants. Shortly after his death, the invading army took control of the fort and killed everyone who lived there. Locals now insist the fort be closed after dark, after numerous reports of overnight visitors being found dead the next morning!

7. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

For ghost hunters and demonologists alike, Aokigahara Forest is a spot of never ending fascination. Also known as The Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees, this 3500 hectare forest at the base of Mount Fuji is the sight of countless suicides. Some say as many as 100 suicides occur in one year amongst these trees. There is barely any wildlife present here making these woods eerily quiet. There are also two sings in entry (in both English and Japanese) urging people not to take their own lives. People have reported meeting the spirits of these poor people while walking through these woods. Visitors are advised to stick to pathways when walking here as naturally occurring magnetic anomalies not only add to the creepy atmosphere but makes the likelihood of getting lost high!

8. The Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana, United States

The south of America is littered with plantations with a sketchy past. Many have a long history of slavery and in turn stories of suffering and sadness. However, the Myrtles Plantation stands out in many ways. Myriad occupants and their young children have died within these walls – from both disease and murder! Along with stories of death are stories of their ghosts. The house is said to be built over an Indian burial ground, with the ghost of a Native American woman still present today. There is also a story of a slave being lynched here after being caught poisoning the family. Many people have witness apparitions wandering through the house and the surrounding grounds. People also report seeing the spirits of Sara Woodruff (the past owner) and two of her children in one of the mirrors in the house. Mystery Tours of the grounds are offered daily and during the evening.