Parenting is one of the exciting journeys that we experience through our lives. Whether you are the biological parents or adoptive, parenting is the same. Have you ever looked at your children then wish that they came with a manual like your electronics at home? New parents usually get it rough because everything is new, but the old parents also get it tough at times. This is because our children have unique personalities and individualism. Parenting is an excellent experience but here are things no one tells you about parenting.

Baby day out is hectic 

Do you know how you pack under pressure for the airport? Baby’s day out is the same. You will need to carry a bags full of baby’s necessities (which are a lot even if you just going for two hours). Baby car seat and stroller will be like your identification card you don’t go anywhere without them.

You will crave for sleep more than sex

This hits most new parents hard in the face. No one tells you that you will only sleep when your baby is asleep. Sometimes when they are asleep you doing other chores, and immediately you are done, they are up. By the time you go to bed at night, you will treasure your sleep more than anything else.

Goodbye to privacy 

I know most of the parents anticipate this but not in the magnitude that it usually comes in. When your kids start walking around you better be careful what you do while they are awake or you may just be caught in the act. They will knock your bedroom door at weird hours and trust me you can never ignore them. These little guys are persistent, and the patience they have when ruining your perfect nap is incredible.

Children are bullies

You cannot remember it, but you bullied your parents too. Your kids will bully you into doing things you do not want. Their puppy eyes and ‘innocent’ tears will push you into giving into their demands. You will bribe them to eat, go to sleep, and even going to kindergarten.

You will not always be the hero

We always want to give our kids the best that we can. Sometimes you will be put in a position that you have to say no to your kid. For example, your kid made this great new friend, and they want to go to sleep over. You will not readily agree because you may not know the kid’s parents. Your kid will probably frown or hate you for that. But do not worry because it does not last and they will run back to you.

Parenting is a job

When you became a parent, you become the judge, psychologist, comedian, teacher, and above all a friend. You become so many things that you did not even know you could. You will wake up early and go to bed late. You will find less and less time for yourself because you want to be there for your child.

Children are not universal gadgets

Your child is unique from other children. That is why your relative or friends parenting style may not work for your kid. There are various parenting guide books, but they should act as an eye-opener not a manual. You need to understand your child thoroughly so that you can choose the best parenting style for them.

You are allowed to lie

I know we all want to teach our children the principle of honesty. But we sometimes have to lie to them to protect them. For instance, how do to tell a five-year-old where children come from when they ask? There are lies that parents tell their kids every time because the truth may be too painful for them to handle.

Children are egocentric

Children think that everything revolves around them. As a parent children will always see what you do and relate it to them. When there is a positive energy in the home, this will impact well on the kids. They will view themselves as sources of happiness in the home. However, the things are bad at home children always blame themselves. Studies indicate that most children with divorced parents blame themselves for the separation.

There is no perfect parenting

When we teach our children our values and morals, we always hope for the best. They grow up so fast, and soon they have a mind of their own. They pick up new values some which we may not approve. Each parenting style is just to help your kid know right from wrong and make them responsible. Their personality determines the bigger percentage of how they turn out.

Your children will be the source of your strength

Most parents do not even realize it, but they put up with a lot for the sake of their kids. Your kids will make you a better version of yourself. You will go to extreme measures just to make them happy and provide for them. Your life decisions will revolve around what will serve your kids best.

The journey is worth it!

You will probably laugh when you are around them more than you have before. The feeling that comes with putting a smile on their little faces if gratifying more than anything you have ever experience. Their warm touch and innocent eyes will put a smile on your face. Every step of their lives will be filled with new excitement and happiness. When they first tell you that they love you trust me you will shade tears of joy.

Final take

Parenting is not a difficult journey, and you do not have to parent your kids the way everyone else is doing. Enjoy parenting because your children will grow fast and before you know it they are following their dreams and ambitions. The good thing is that you will always be a parent and they will come to you for guidance and advice even when they have a mind of their own. It is the little things in life that make it attractive, and parenting is one of them.