Relationships are a source of comfort and happiness for all of us. But they can turn into a living nightmare within no time with a few silly mistakes, really. Once the misty-eyed, fairy tale honey moon phase of the relationship is over and you start to get comfortable with each other, no longer trying to impress your partner that is when we commit these little mistakes which can even end our precious relationships.  

So if you intend to keep your significant other around for a long time, keep reading!  

1. Take things slowly

Rushing your relationship is never a good idea. Get to know each other, the pet peeves, bad habits and all, before you start living together. Moving in too fast might become a problem. Make sure both of you get some 'me' time, hang out with your friends instead of staying together 24/7.

It takes the mystery out of the equation, your partner might be bored and it will become uninteresting. Don’t exactly neglect each other, but don't stick to each other the whole time either.

2. Not caring about your appearance

It matters a lot. Irrespective of your gender, you should take care of your appearance. Shower, wear your hair nicely, and dress up often. Don’t just go to your date night in sweatpants. Most relationships fall apart because partners feel that their other half isn't putting in as much effort in their relationship as they should be. Dressing up for them is a way of showing them that you care. Neglecting your appearance is an unhealthy habit overall. You should take care of your body, keep it clean and fit, eat healthy and you will feel better about yourself. And so will your partner!

3. Taking your partner for granted

We sometimes start to take our partners for granted, never appreciating them for what they do for us. It actually kills the emotions and love, which is the essence of any relationship. You need to make your partner feel loved. You need to show them, through your gestures that you are thankful to them. And in turn you deserve the same. It's not necessary to buy expensive gift or lavish dinners; it's the small things that mean the world to them. Get them a little gift, just a bunch of flowers, make them breakfast or a grilled cheese sandwich after a long day, it makes all the difference in the world.

4. Holding grudges

This ruins your relationships, friendships, your social life, even your own mental and physical health! You must understand that no one is perfect in this whole wide world, you should learn to forgive people when they seek forgiveness. If your partner commits a mistake and ask for forgiveness, let it go. Give him or her another chance. Instead of over reacting, think rationally. If he/she really is sorry for what they did to hurt you, forgive them straightaway. It will strengthen your bond and your relationship.

5. Communication barrier

Seriously, talk! About anything and everything. If he or she does something that gets on your nerves, talk about it - politely of course. You are upset about something, tell them. If they are upset about something, listen to what they have to say.

Don’t let communication be a barrier between you two. You both will feel comfortable in spilling out your feelings once you start doing it regularly. It will also bring you closer in a soulful way, and you both will understand each other even better.

Communication gaps only lead to bottled up feelings, frustration and even hate towards your partner. And you certainly don't want that, do you?

6. Being overly critical

Your partner is not perfect. The sooner you understand that, the better. There is always room for improvement; you both should encourage each other to become better people. But that doesn't mean that your significant other is your puppet. He or she is entitled to their own life choices, career decisions and the likes. You can guide them or give them advice, but beyond that, it’s their own choice.

No one likes a negative person, criticizing and clouding their life and every choice. Even you would hate that for yourself. Then why do that to your loved one?

7. Trying to change one another

If you can't accept your girlfriend or boyfriend for who and what they are, then maybe you aren't meant to be together. It's true that people change for better, but that is because they want to, not because they are forced to. Don't make your partner feel insecure about their flaws. You, yourself aren't perfect, but they accept you for who you are. So you should be accepting too. Nobody wants to be in relationship with a bully. And if you are on the receiving end if unnecessary criticism or your partner wants you to change so bad, it’s time for you to make some harsh decisions.

8. Not accepting your mistakes

You should be the embodiment of what you want your partner to be like. If you want him to accept his or her mistakes, then you should do too. In a certain situation when something goes wrong, reflect and think about what went wrong and the things that you shouldn't have done, where you went wrong. Accept them , own them up and apologize for them. It doesn't make you any weaker; it will make your relationship stronger.

9. Not knowing when to keep your mouth shut

It's alright to tease each other lightly and have a little fun, but don't laugh at each other's expense. Don't point out your partner's flaws in a gathering, even if you are with mutual friends. It seems harmless at first, but soon you don’t realize and you start blabbing out his personal stuff, bring up his insecurities or worse. And trust me, he or she will never forget it, even if they want to. You are supposed to be each other's strength, not the ones who bring each other down.

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