Umrah is a sacred ritual worship that every Muslim wants to perform at least once in their lifetime. It is a Sunnah that requires physical and mental fortitude. But the rewards of this sacred pilgrimage are great. Muslims living in the UK have to take time off from their busy routine to embark on their spiritual journey. With 2025 coming up, most of you are preparing to perform Umrah in April 2025 and are already looking into different Umrah packages. However, before you book your package, there are some considerations that pilgrims must take into account. This article will guide pilgrims through some tips that they must consider before booking their Umrah package.

Tips to Consider

As stated, Umrah is a physically demanding pilgrimage. With over 1.9 billion followers of Islam in the world, Mecca is crowded with pilgrims throughout the year performing Umrah, or Hajj. Saudi Arabia’s climate is hot for most of the year, and with a huge crowd always present, it gets difficult to perform Umrah. Pilgrims must stay calm and be patient when performing the pilgrimage.

Just as pilgrims must stay calm when performing Umrah, they must show the same level of patience when booking their Umrah package. Pilgrims must consider multiple things before booking their affordable April Umrah Packages. Here are some tips that will help pilgrims find the best package for their budget:


Budget is the main factor when pilgrims choose a certain travel package. Umrah packages vary in price and the services they include. Often, two travel agencies will have different prices for a similar bundle. Pilgrims must explore multiple travel agencies and packages. Some Umrah bundles are all-inclusive, while others offer fewer services. Check what services you can afford without making the pilgrimage difficult for them.


Pilgrims must do thorough research and not settle for the first travel agency for the package they find. Take multiple travel agencies and their Umrah packages into consideration. Some offer better services for the same price, while others offer the same package at a lower cost. It is up to the pilgrim to find the best deal possible that includes the best services without breaking the bank.

Also, ask for a breakdown of the cost of the Umrah package. Ensure there are no hidden or additional charges that pilgrims have to pay when they arrive in Makkah. Check the payment and cancellation policy and understand it so that you can benefit from it in an emergency. A credible Umrah travel agency will provide a complete cost breakdown for the package.

Do not book the Umrah package with an amateur travel agency; opt for an adept and reputable one. Their staff is trained and can guide pilgrims through each step of the way. Ensure the travel agency is certified by ATOL and IATA and accepted by relevant authorities.

Special Requests

Travel agencies can assist with any special request. If you or your partner have a special request or need, like ground transfers or a hotel that is accessible by wheelchair, negotiate their inclusion in the bundle. Special requests are often covered in the base package, but it is a good practice to ask about them before booking your bundle.


Ensure ground transfers are part of the package, like an airport pickup and travel between Mecca and Medina. Do not exclude this service from the package, as it will greatly improve the experience. Otherwise, pilgrims have to arrange it on their own in a foreign land, and it can cause stress, which isn’t ideal.


Hotel stays play a vital role in your Umrah experience. Different packages include different tiers of hotel stays. The more you pay, the better the living arrangements will be. Choose the package that offers the best hotel stay within your budget. Check the distance between Holy Haram and the hotel and the distance from other holy sites in the city. The closer the hotel is to Al Haram, the better, as pilgrims won’t have to travel long distances to reach Kaaba. Also, check the services the hotel provides, like free WIFI, air-conditioned and soundproof rooms, and more.

Group vs Private April Umrah Packages 2025

Travel agencies offer pilgrims the option for private or group Umrah packages. Both packages have benefits and drawbacks. It is up to the pilgrim to decide which package they want. In the group package, the pilgrims perform Umrah as part of the group, everything is organized and scheduled. On the other hand, a private package allows pilgrims to perform the pilgrimage either alone or with their families.

It comes down to personal preference, but the group Umrah package is cheaper than the private one. This is because, the cost of the entire journey is divided among all group members, which reduces the overall cost of the pilgrimage for individuals.

Types of Umrah Packages

Travel agencies offer multiple tiers of Umrah packages. The better the package, the better the services included in it. There are mainly three types of Umrah packages: 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star packages. These packages are targeted towards different budgets and are tailored to individual needs.

  • 3-star packages: This is the most budget-friendly option, as it includes a 3-star hotel stay, transport, food, and ground transfers. The cost of the package varies depending on how long the pilgrim intends to stay.
  • 4-star packages: This package is a middle ground between the cheapest and the more expensive Umrah package. It offers the most value for money, with a 4-star hotel stay that includes all the necessary amenities, direct flights, transport, and food. The hotel is usually close to holy Haram, and pilgrims don’t have to commute long distances. They also get an emergency hotline for emergencies.
  • 5-star packages: This is the most expensive Umrah bundle, which includes a 5-star hotel stay, direct flights, transport, and a guide to lead pilgrims through each step of Umrah. Furthermore, pilgrims also get support from the on-ground staff of the travel agency in case of an emergency.

Additional Tips

Before you leave for the airport to perform Umrah in April 2025, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Ensure your documents are complete to avoid any trouble at the airport. British passport holders can easily get an e-VISA on arrival in Saudi Arabia.
  • Pack two pairs of cosy footwear to ensure your feet don’t get sore during the pilgrimage.
  • Keep some local currency with you in case of an emergency.
  • While in Mecca or Medina, only keep enough cash with you that you need for the day, as pickpockets are roaming the holy sites. This way, if you get pickpocketed, you won’t lose all your cash.

To Wrap up

Umrah is a special journey for all Muslims. It is a Sunnah of the Prophet, renews faith in Allah, and rejuvenates the soul. In this article, we have discussed tips that pilgrims must keep in mind before they book their package and perform Umrah in April 2025. Muslim Holy Travel offers affordable Umrah packages so that UK citizens can perform the pilgrimage within budget and with peace of mind. Visit our website and get a quote for your April Umrah package.