Working hard day in and day out makes you tired and sometimes a call or text just isn’t enough social interaction. Every girl needs at least that one girl friend that they can be completely real with. Those are the girls that you spend girl’s nights with. And if you are anything like me and my friends, we sometimes have a hard time deciding what to do. We spend days talking about all the possibilities. We’ve actually made an online poll for everyone to go to and vote so that way, we all get a say. However, we do have one tradition that remains permanent to this day and this is our trip to Books-A-Million. We are a little bit of bookworms so we love to go scour the isles for the next book on our To-Read list. We also like to add a little fun and be goofy. We’ve played hide-and-seek in the store. We’ve made a scavenger hunt for the HOLY GRAIL. We’ve had tons of fun. Even though, we always know we’ll be making a trip to BAM, we do have to count the vote for Girl’s night activities. Here are a few of the options we choose from.


Scour the internet for tutorials of your favorite looks and practice on each other. Me and my friends have so much fun doing this. We try to find looks that we would absolutely NEVER try and go all out. Sometimes we master the skill and it turns out great.......AND sometimes it doesn't and we look like the beast after his makeover. HAHA. Either way, it's ALWAYS super fun!

  Dress up 

Take the time to get all dolled up and then go out to eat and take tons of selfies. This always gaurantees a good night because we all know when you look fabulous, you feel FABULOUS! My friends and I have done this a lot and we try to switch it up a bit by not only dressing up ourselves, but also by channelling the goddesses of our favorite T.V. shows and dressing like them. For example, once we chose a character from Pretty Little Liars and dressed up like them. It was so fun taking on each character's unique style.

 Movie Marathon 

Find a movie you’ve all been dying to see and sit, back, relax, stuff your beautiful faces with popcorn, and watch it! Then, repeat! My friends and I don’t do this often, but when we do, it’s so much fun. We usually order a pizza with brownies and cookies (because one of my friends isn’t really a popcorn person), and we wrap ourselves in a warm blanket, turn off all the lights, and start the movie. If you are unsure of what movies are great for Girls’ Night, here are some suggestions.


Look up some awesome pinterest creations and recreate them with your girlfriends. I have some VERY crafty friends, so we tend to do a little bit of this all the time. On our first Girls’ night, one friend made cloth bookmarks for all of us out of the fabric of our choice. With all of us being bookworms, we loved it. Since then, we’ve made t-shirts, tumblers, and DIY temporary tattoos. This activity is so much fun because each member of our group gets to be their own kind of creative.

Dance Party 

Crank the music up and bust out your best moves. This is, by far, my favorite activity on Girl’s Night. I don’t consider myself a relatively good dancer, but that’s not the point. The point is to just have fun. So, when we crank up volume to our favorite songs, we let loose. It’s just us, so there’s no worry about being judged on our super crazy dance moves and believe me, they are crazy.

Game Night 

Get the girls together, order a pizza, and spend all night playing your favorite games. Every time we do this, we end up crying from laughing so much. We love playing games and we play all kinds of games. Uno, charades, dominion, phase ten, taboo, Heads up, and trivial pursuit are some of our favorite games.

Spa Night 

Take turns pampering each other with facials, mani-pedis, and the latest gossip. Spa nights are THE best! Every girl needs to feel pampered at least once in her life and it’s always a thousand times better when she gets to be with her friends, too. We like to take turns painting each other’s nails, facials, hair, and make up. These are the most relaxing. It’s imperative that you have snacks and wine. Spa night isn’t complete without snacks and wine.


Gurrrl, you deserve to splurge on whatever makes you happy. If that’s a dress, new shoes, or something fun you’d never buy under normal circumstances, TREAT YO SELF! This is not the time to be frugal. You’ve been working hard and you deserve a treat. Spend big money on whatever it is that makes you happy. When my friends and I do this, we normally buy books because we are bookworms. We splurge on a book that isn’t on sale or discounted and we enjoy it so much!!! Treat-yo-self nights come very rarely, but when they do, it’s better than Christmas!

Make a music video 

Learn the moves to the hottest song and record you and your squad killin it. My friends and I have done this a couple of times and it’s always hilarious. It’s very similar to dance night, except that we are actually trying to learn a new dance and then record ourselves. If after recording yourself, you find it too embarrassing to post on social media, don’t. Save it to randomly text your BFFs when they need a laugh! If you are brave enough to post it, AWESOME!

The one thing to remember is that Girl’s night is meant to be fun. Don’t worry about work, boys, kids, or anything that might be stressing you out. Girl’s nights were invented to give you a night off from life, so take advantage of that with the ladies in your life that you love most! Whether you choose to do any of the activities above or create your own girl’s night activity, enjoy that time and make memories that you’ll cherish forever!