We have all been intrigued by superheroes at one point in our life. Whether we grew up reading or watching Batman or just got into them because of their popularity in Hollywood right now. We all know the main ones: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman. But, have we ever really taken a moment to sit back and think about which superheroes are the coolest? If you are anything like the characters from the Big Band Theory, then you probably have. But if you are like the rest of us, you just haven’t. So, that’s what I’m doing in this article. I’m digging deep to really think about which superheroes are the coolest and why. Remember that this is completely subjective, so if you disagree, that’s totally okay.  


Superman is a great superhero. Sure, he can be taken down by kryptonite, but other than that, he’s seriously awesome. And who doesn’t love the fact that he changes in phone booths? 


I’m pretty sure Batman is one of the coolest superheros by default. He’s just an ordinary guy who uses his wealth to invest in his vigilante alter-ego and help keep his community safe. I think that’s pretty awesome considering that he could just let the criminals run free while he lives it up in a lavish mansion surrounded by piles of money. He could also be with the love of his life. BUT he chooses to dedicate his life to the people. I guess he reminds me of many of the realistic heroes like soldiers, police officers, firefighters, or anybody who dedicates their life in service to others.  


I like Spiderman because of his complete transformation from geek to, well, to spiderman. We all know he was bitten by a radio-active spider and instead of getting a bad rash, he developed spider-like capabilities. My favorite thing about him is that he proves his humanity by seeking revenge on those who killed his uncle, but then realizing that “With great power comes great responsibility.” 


Okay, Thor is on here for a couple of reasons. First, THAT HAIR! Second, he literally is a god. He starts off unworthy of his power and then, in the end, proves his worth by fighting for the greater good of not just his people, but the people of Earth, as well. He’s such a good superhero! 

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is on this list because she is probably the most BA character there is. I mean, think about it. Could all those male superheroes fight crime wearing what she’s wearing. HECK NO! And she does it effortlessly. But she’s more than just her outfit. She proves that she can handle her own and take down anyone who gets in her way. Wonder Woman = Goals.  


The flash is super cool to me because he possesses the ability to move lightning fast. Anyone with this ability could easily abuse their power but he doesn’t. The thing that I like most about him is his story. I find his story so intriguing. Who wouldn’t? 

Iron Man

Iron Man made this list because I absolutely LOVE the way Robert Downey Jr. has portrayed this character in the Marvel movies. His combination of sarcasm, wit, and compassion for the people made me fall in love with this character from the very beginning. Yes, this character has some flaws, BUT he’s human. Like Batman, he uses his wealth to invest in an unconventional method for protecting others.  


I’m pretty sure Wolverine is my absolute favorite. I might be biased because I love Hugh Jackman but Wolverine is such a bada$$. I’m pretty sure he could take down every other one of the characters on this list with so much ease that he could consider it a vacation. It’s crazy.  


The hulk made my list of coolest superheroes because he could very easily be a villain. Actually, I think he absolutely should be a villain. I mean, think about it. He goes from Bruce Banner to the Hulk in a matter of seconds after he gets mad. How did he learn to channel all that angry energy into fighting for the greater good instead of just seeing red and going after everyone? I’d say that alone makes him pretty awesome.  

Professor X

Professor X is on this list because he has the ability to influence the mind. He has powers of telepathy, inducing mental illusions, taking memories, and many more.  

Overall, I couldn’t imagine being in the same room as one or even all of these AWESOME superheroes. I would probably fangirl too hard and just gawk at most of them because these are some pretty GREAT superheroes. However, that’s not to say that the superheroes that didn’t make this list aren’t great, because, let’s face it, they are. So, if one of your favorites isn’t on the list, that’s A-okay! Everyone is different and we care about different things so these characters will all have qualities that find appealing or appalling. I hope you’ve enjoyed my list. 

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