As children we all enjoyed a Disney Classic at one point or another. Heck, I’m an adult and I still enjoy reliving my childhood with Disney movies! But have you ever really taken the time to think about which movies are the best and which are the worst? Well, I have. A LOT! So here is my list of Disney movies ranked best to worst. (DISCLAIMER- I completely understand that being the best or worst is completely subjective and based purely on my opinion of said movies. If you have any suggestions for which movies you think are best or worse, please leave your thoughts in the comments section.)

1. The Lion King 

 The lion King is actually rated second on IMDB’s top 100 animated movies list, but it makes number one on mine. The lion king was and is my favorite Disney movie. I cried so hard when Mufasa died and I rooted for Simba when Scar tried to take over. But the movie is much more than the story of a young cub taking it’s pride back. This story is a derivative of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Maybe that’s why it’s so moving.  

2. Moana 

Moana is a new release that had a big impact. Children all over the world wanted to be Moana and travel the oceans with Hay-hay and Maui in search of Tefetti. I loved this movie and it’s message to follow your heart and never give up on what’s right. All throughout the movie, Moana is discouraged from trying to restore the heart because other’s were afraid and thought it was impossible. Even Moana began to lose hope until she realized that she could do anything she set her mind to. This movie also showed us that we can’t let other peoples actions dictate how we live our life. It was sooooo good!  

3. Frozen 

Okay, I know a lot of you may be having terrifying flashbacks to the time when people everywhere were belting ‘Let it go’ at the top of their lungs and annoying almost everyone. I was a music teacher for a while, so believe me when I say I truly feel your pain. However, I love the message that this movie conveys. First off, It was one of the first movies where a Disney Princess didn’t need a man to save them. (There were other’s before this one, but none as impactful as this one, in my opinion). When Aunna was frozen at the end, it wasn’t Christoff’s kiss of true love that thawed her. It was the love of her sister that was so pure and true. How beautiful is that. Also, who cares if you are different. Be YOUnique! If Elsa had done that from the beginning, Aunna wouldn’t have had to live without the friendship of her sister for so long.  

4. Toy Story 

I loved Toy Story because it made me think that every time I lost a toy or misplaced something that it wasn’t actually my fault and that my toys had come to life and traveled to another place. It really made me believe in that type of magic! 

5. Aladdin

Who doesn’t love Aladdin? Robin Williams MADE this movie. The Genie is by far my favorite character. While the music and big action scenes captured my attention as a child, as an adult, I love the message that this story unfolds. We should never limit someone’s powers or talents because you never know how powerful or successful one can become. Now, with that comes risk which we see when Jafar wishes to become the most powerful genie on earth, but just like in the movie, those that do good will always prevail.  

6. Beauty and the Beast (old) 

When I was a little girl, I knew every line of this classic. I sang every song, spoke every word, and even wore a Belle gown for about a month. I loved that Belle saw something different and unique in the beast and didn’t just group him in with the stereotypical Beast: Savage and without feelings. I think this happens so often today with everything going on in the world. We group people into stereotypes and fail to see the beauty within.  

7. Up 

So, I cried at the montage at the very beginning. It was a great love story but it only lasted a few short seconds. That’s why this movie didn’t make it further up the list. Though, I do love that this man did what he always wanted to do. He didn’t just give up.  

8. Mulan 

Mulan was so funny! Mushu with his one-liners, the horse constantly putting Mushu in his place, and Mulan embracing who she is while pretending to be someone else to save the country and bring her family honor. It really was great. I loved that Mulan was bada$$ all on her own, but knew that it would take teamwork to make the dream work.  

9. The Little Mermaid 

I loved this movie as a child because I loved all things that had to do with water. However, now, I think this movie represented the transgender community. Ariel is a mermaid who longs to be human and no matter what she says to her father, he refuses to see her side of things. It isn’t until after she’s been transformed back into a mermaid that King Triton realizes how miserable his daughter is not being able to walk on land. At that moment, he puts his feelings aside for his daughter’s happiness and uses his power to change her back into a human. So many people go through this where they relate to the opposite gender but their families refuse to support them. Sometimes not even seeing their child miserable changes their mind, which is a sad truth. Though, I know the original tale of The little mermaid is MUCH different than Disney’s version.  

10. Cinderella 

 I put Cinderella as the last movie on my top ten list because I loved it. It’s plot line has inspired millions of stories everywhere and has become a staple in story structure for writers.