If you’re a college student, you know that finals week is dreadfully upon us. Some of you have been waiting for the end of this semester for four years, while some of you are just glad that you’ve survived your first year of college. Well, almost.

There are lots of ways to make it through finals week. Some people choose to lock themselves in the library studying all the things you should’ve learned throughout the semester. Some people like to chill out and just wing it on their finals. Some people, like me, like to procrastinate getting everything done. I don’t have a ton of exams, really. I have big projects and presentations to complete so naturally, I chose to procrastinate.  

For those of you not familiar with procrastination, it is the act of putting something off until the last minute. This is quite possibly my favorite thing to do as I believe that I work better under pressure. If I tried to start a project early, I would drive myself crazy trying to make things perfect, so procrastination is my bestie.

Now, I wanted to get things right for this article so I tested a bunch of different ways to procrastinate. I know right. This has got to be the BEST experiment for an article I’ve ever done. Anyways, here is my top 10 list of the most fun ways to procrastinate.

10. Figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop 

This one is fun and educational. It will also end up being a great conversation topic. Just imagine you and your friends standing around talking about all the crazy things you’ve done and you bring up that time you spent an hour trying to figure out how may licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. If your friends are anything like mine, they will burst into laughter and ask for the answer. It will also keep your mind off of those pesky finals for just a little while longer, so, VICTORY!

9. Troll someone on the internet 

I hate reading a thread and seeing someone constantly troll others. BUT, if you are trying to avoid focusing on finals or that huge assignment that’s due in a week, this is a super fun way to do it. You can find just about any thread and start trolling. The best way to do this is to really look for someone who seems overly passionate about what they are commenting on and just keep on giving crap about it. A successful troll will be able to troll tons of people on the same thread. Good luck with this one.

8. Play dress up 

I’ve been doing this since I was very little, but I never thought to do it as a form of procrastination. I mean, anybody who has ever tried to do all the fancy contouring tricks with their makeup knows it can take a while to get a perfected look. And I guarantee that you will be so distracted with this that you won’t even remember that final!

7. Use your eyeliner to give yourself facial hair 

I loved doing this one. You should know that I’m pretty goofy and weird so this one was super fun for me. And when I had perfected my look, I snapchatted all my friends and let them in on the fun, too. What makes this even better is that it will come right off with any makeup remover so have fun. You don’t even have to stop with facial hair. You can give yourself fake tattoos. I mean, we’re procrastinating. Why limit ourselves? Be creative with this one.

6. Learn and perform the fastest rap song you can find

Okay. I’m not particular a huge fan of rap music, but I do enjoy it when I’m in the right mood. However, this was so fun. I felt so cool doing this. And my friends thought I was so cool, too, after I did a full on performance for them. They also thought I was a little bit lame because I wasted time doing it, but hey! That was the point of the exercise so VICTORY!

5. Get all the achievements to your favorite console game 

With this one, I had to do a lot of research. And I didn’t get all the achievements. I got a lot, but not all and definitely not even most. There are a ton of achievements to get. Who knew? Anyways, it definitely worked. I spent an entire day doing NOTHING! That’s right. NOTHING. I even forgot to eat lunch.

4. Build a fort 

My daughter absolutely loved this one. We had so much fun getting the sheets out, taking the dining room table chairs and creating the biggest fort we could. We use a fan to keep air circulating inside it and hung little rope lights on the inside to give it a little light. We filled the bottom with pillows and blankets to lay on and stay nice and cozy as we cuddled up and watched Tinker Bell. This will most likely become a regular thing for us as it was so fun. It also took quite a while to set up and take down. So, overall, it was a successful procrastination tactic that proved to be super fun!

3. Try doing the yoga tripod headstand 

I wish I would’ve gotten a video of my attempt of this. I tried for so long but I just couldn’t do it. Hahaha. I will say it was definitely a work out. I was so tired after this that I took a nap. So, while I did have a lot of fun doing this, it also helped me procrastinate even more!

2. Learn the thriller dance 

This was a tough one. I am not a great dancer, but there is also a lot of moves in this. However, it was so fun. I was laughing so very hard at myself.

1. Pretend the floor is lava! 

This was by far my favorite one. Pretending that the floor is lava is always a fun game to play but it’s even more fun when you’re procrastinating on that school work that you just dread doing. I spent an entire afternoon doing this and I don’t think I’ve ever done anything more fun as an adult.

Overall, every one of these were so fun to do. I don’t think I got very much done at all this week because of these things. However, while procrastination can be super fun, remember to just sit down and get the work done. Best of luck!