We all know there are some pretty horrible horror movies out there that come off as more of a joke than a good scare. However, there are the few that really get our hearts pumping and keep us up at night. This article is dedicated to them.

So, I tried to do research two different ways. The first was to take a poll and the second was to watch them myself. I felt that when I watched them, I just wasn’t as scared because it takes a lot to scare me. So I decided to go with the poll for this article. This is how I did it.

In my research to find the top 10 scariest Movies of All Time, I asked 200 people to tell me what the scariest movie of all time was to them. Then, I compiled that list in order from scary to scariest by using the amount of times a particular movie was mentioned. So, if one movie was mentioned more often, it’s rated as scarier than average.

A little disclaimer: This article is really just the scariest movie to two hundred people that I know. The results could have been different had I gone with a smaller number to poll or even a larger number. I also think that geography plays a role in that as well. If you live close to the ocean, Jaws might be the scariest movie because you can relate to it. However, the people that were polled don’t live near any significant place where scary or spooky things have been set in movies. So, if the movie that you think is the scariest movie of all time didn’t make the list, that’s probably why. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the list! Here it is.

10. Nightmare on Elm Street 

This one made the list because it relates to everyone. EVERYONE SLEEPS! So, imagining that Freddy Krueger is going to attack you in your dreams is pretty scary. I didn’t want to sleep for days after seeing this for the first time. Knowing that it came out in 1984, I’d love to see a modern remake of this just because of all the cool things technology can do now to make it more realistic, but the 1984 version is scary as is.  

9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This story made the list because it’s based on a true story. The movie was released in 1974 and it scared the pants off people when they realized that Leatherface was, indeed, a real person. The real man, Ed Gein, was most like Leatherface in the fact that upon searching his farm, police found a corset, masks, leggings, and a dress that were all made from the skins of young women. Yea, that’s creepy! 

8. 28 Days Later 

This one made the list because it’s a classic zombie movie. I guess you could call it the hipster zombie movie because it came out in 2002 before all the hype around The Walking Dead was plaguing the nation. Oh, but in this movie, the zombies are much faster than you.  

7. Children of the Corn 

Ok, this movie is just freaky. ‘nough said.  

6. Jaws 

I think you know why this one’s on the list. Not only did this 1975 Steven Spielberg film scare people into being more cautious around open water, but it is also based on true events. Back in the early 1900s, sharks were terrorizing swimmers on the East Coast. This was probably due to the fact that people believed sharks were harmless except for the infamous Great White who was known to be a flesh eating monster. So, even if people saw a shark, they more than likely didn’t run for the shore like we would now. This caused several deaths up and down the coast that later inspired the movie JAWS.  

5. The Ring 

I have heard many people say that they prefer the original Japanese version of the film, RINGU, but either way, this movie is S-C-A-R-Y, scary! Being made in the 2000s, this movie is about a cursed video that causes you to die after viewing it. So, now, I’m not only scared because of this movie, but I’m also scared to watch any other videos because who knows if it’s cursed or not?  

4. Poltergeist 

This movie made the list because it did an amazing job at freaking people out. I mean, come on. Who hasn’t experienced a static t.v. at least once in their life? If you experienced it after watching this movie, then you were probably scared beyond belief thinking that it was releasing evil spirits. But wait, there’s more. There are also invisible beings that rearrange the furniture and houses that can move through different dimensions. All of these things combined would give anyone the eebie jeebies!  

Having come out 1982, this movie has been scaring people for 35 years. WOW! That’s how you know it’s truly scary.  

3. The Witch 

This movie made the list because it was actually endorsed by the Satanic Temple. I mean, that’s the ultimate goal of all horror movies. So, this movie revolves around a Puritan family in New England during the 1600s. Basically, they get kicked out of their village and are forced to live in a remote part of the woods. However, as tensions rise, they start turning on each other and accusing each other of being witches. I wish I could say more but I don’t want to ruin the surprise ending for you. You might need subtitles for this. 

2. The Exorcist 

Released in 1973, The Exorcist was so terrifying that theatres were known to have provided “Exorcist barf bags.” How crazy is that? This movie contains one of the scariest things of all times: a little girl who has been possessed. Because of the evil spirit/s within her, horrible things proceed from her mouth. Then, there’s the whole spinning head thing. I was incredibly freaked out by this movie, though I didn’t need one of those fancy “Exorcist barf bags.”  

1. Paranormal Activity 

This movie was released in 2007 and made the top of our list because it features the super creepy things that happen when supernatural forces take over. When I watched this, I couldn’t be alone in my room for a week. If you are going to watch this, I’d recommend watching it in the morning so that you have all day to get your mind off of it before going to bed.