Being in a relationship can be the best and most blissful feeling ever. You get to share everything with your significant other, voice your opinions without being judged, have a partner along you through all the good and bad times. However, there are certain things your girlfriend doesn't want to hear. You should refrain from saying some things, if you don't want to shatter her heart in to a million pieces and make your relationship unbearable.  

Here is a list of stuff you shouldn't ever say out loud to your girlfriend; 

1. "Why don't you try to lose some weight?"

Okay, there can be many other sentences like this one which you need to avoid. This will make her feel extremely body conscious and bring her confidence to a very low-level. Girls are always kind of conscious about their looks and weight. This will only make her think that you don't find her attractive enough, which is a blow below the belt.

2. "Your friend looked quite good today"

Praising and admiring her female friend's looks, her co-workers or any girl in general is a big no-no. Seriously guys, don't do that. There is nothing wrong with appreciating someone, but it can make her feel unwanted or jealous. Some things are better left unsaid.  

3. "Don't over-react." 

There is a sound reason why she is mad at you in her mind. Instead of telling her that she is overreacting, try to apologize or console her. Make her feel better, cave in a little, show her some love, even if she is overreacting.

4. "Are you PMS-ing?" 

This is honestly the worst thing you can say to her, even if she is. Try to pamper her or give her some extra attention if she is emotional. Girls tend to have a higher emotional response than guys in general. If you want to have a relationship with a girl you will have to put up with that and if you don't, well that's a whole new story.

5. " No!" 

It doesn't mean that you should agree with what she says, or do whatever she asks you to, just do it politely. Saying a direct, hard no is harsh. Just change your words and your tone, say it politely.  

6. "What were you saying?" 

Yes she might talk a little too much at times, but being blatantly inattentive is rude. Just play along, try to pay attention to her, listen to what she says. Or at least pretend to, but don't make her feel unappreciated that way.  

7. "Girls belong in the kitchen" 

Hello, this is 2017. Unless you aren't updated, women are doing equally well professionally as men. And she belongs to the kitchen as much as you do. If you want her to make you a grilled cheese or something, be ready to do the same for her some other day And yes, don't forget to add "please" before your requests.   

8. "Elena never said that.." 

Bringing up your ex, or giving her examples to your girlfriend is seriously rude. And dangerous too. Unless you want your current girlfriend to leave you like Elena did, don't bring her up.  

9. "Alright!" 

Words like,"alright!", "whatever!", "fine!" portrays that you don't care. Even if you are in a middle of an argument, don't make it seem like you don't care. It comes out very rude and she might seriously be offended by your cold indifference.  

10. "Sarah, who?" 

Pay attention to her best friends. Your girlfriend will really be upset if you keep forgetting her best friend's name, when she has mentioned her/him thousand times per day. Pay attention to the small details, it shows that you care.  

11. "You'll look great if you start exercising" 

Guys, that is mean. You can casually take her to the gym, tell her that you need her company or something, if you want her to get in a better shape for her sake. But pinpointing her flaws so bluntly will break her fragile little heart.  

12. "Your mom is crazy" 

Her mom might be crazy, but she doesn't want you to say that. Even if she complains about her mom around you, just nod or hug her, don't say stupid stuff. That goes for her siblings and friends too. You don't have to say it to her face. We all have weird families and crazy friends, but no one likes their partner to say that to their faces. 

13. "Let's just not talk about that" 

That means you have lost interest in the argument and you want her to shut up. She is not stupid, she'll grasp that and resent you for it. Refrain from saying that, specially if you are the one who started the argument. Same goes for "let's agree to disagree". Wrap up the argument before it gets ugly.

14. "See, I was right!" 

Yes, she knows that she was wrong about something, you don't have to rub it in her face. If you were right about something, she'll know, and respect you for not nagging her about it. You need to prioritize her as a person and her feelings too. I mean, this is what love is all about, right?  

15. "I cheated on my ex" 

You were a complete insensitive douche back in the day, but you don't need to bring that up with your current girlfriend. You have a new relationship and a clean slate, you can start over. bringing that up will just plant that seedling off doubt in her mind and you don't want that, do you?

It doesn't mean that you have to hold back or bite your tongue all the time when you are with your girlfriend, you just have to be polite and little more considerate. Some things, even the truth, is brutal at times and can impact your relationship in a negative way. Voice your opinion, but phrase it in a nice and polite way and she will love you for it. That is what love is, keeping her needs above yours!

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