Want to hire car while you’re enjoying your holidays? Get hold of easyCar’s new best European car hire destinations guide before you pack up and set sail.

When we’re on our jollies, car hire comes in real handy. For one, we can leave our own cars at home, avoiding the hassle of driving to the airport (and paying for parking). What’s more, car hire helps us really get the most out of a destination - it allows us to get off the beaten track and go down those less-travelled routes other holidaymakers often don’t get to visit.

But, as you’ve no doubt experienced if you’re an intrepid traveller keen to get the most out of a trip, car hire isn’t always that cheap. That’s where easyCar’s guide - a data-backed resource that specifically details the top 20 best value car hire destinations in all of Europe - comes in real real handy.

The company’s experts took a big batch of great European cities and compared the cost of car hire, petrol, a three-course meal and a night in a four-star hotel for each one, working out the best-value destinations for a proper weekend trip in the process. And the results might surprise you. 

Oh, and they’ve even added some insider money-saving tips for each destination - from the days when a city’s museums are free to how to save money on beach accessories. Good to know.