When you think of Paris you think of a lot about romantic movies and a lot of food don’t you? France itself is a popular country but Paris is probably the most well-known city in France. Dreams of going to this city might be out of the grasp for many people. The truth is that Paris is an affordable city to travel too, which could be a Hugh relief to many people’s mind. The truth is that if you plan your trip out right and you stay in a good affordable neighbored hood, this could be the trip of your life! The money that is used in Paris is called Euros, and the euros can be used to buy all that Paris must offer. Why not get a bite at a local bakery or get out and enjoy the nightlife? The world is what you make of it and if you want to get the best of Paris it is good to get some reviews and travel guides in hand before you go. Also, make sure that you consider good hotels in a comfortable neighborhood and an affordable price. So, before we go into too much detail let’s get some of the top attractions down first. Then everything else will fall into place. 

1. Get out and see the city! 

You didn’t want to come to Paris to sit in a hotel room and watch re runs of Dexter, right? No, you came to see Paris, France and all that the city if love must offer. One of the most famous landmarks in Europe let alone the world is the Eiffel tower. This is the most obvious choice that any person would go to when they are in Paris, am I right? It will cost you though unfortunately, it is about 15 euros. If you want an even more rewarding experience you should consider buying a skip the line ticket to truly get a full experience of the Eiffel tower. Another attraction is to consider the Centre Pompidou. This attraction is a lot less well known but it is defiantly worth it. It is a complex and interesting building that is in the beaubourg area of Paris. This Multicultural juggernaut is a place that brings art and people together. You will feel surrounded with amazing structures and creative artwork.

2. Have a feast!

The food in France is food that will change your life. The cooking in France is sophisticated and has a great history. Food is something that has great rich culture and pride in the French. Believe it or not that in French society, the food that a person eats reflects their heritage and social status. So, food is an important part of your trip to France. Try to have a baguette which is a signature to almost anyone in French culture. It is a very important part of a French meal. Not only is it a signature to many movies about France but can also be eaten in a variety of ways. There are a lot different regions in France, and each region in France has a different style of food. Trying any type of French cuisine would be amazing. One of the more recognizable foods of French culture is the Mousse au Chocolat which is called the chocolate mousse in American Culture.

3. Champagne Tasting

One of the best ways to experience France and Paris is to visit the champagne houses. One of the best houses in Paris are the Mumm, Mercier and Moet. They are very well known throughout the world because of their well-known wineries. In France champagne houses are called maisons and they welcome all kinds of visitors for a taste of some of that famous French wines. The wines can be a little pricey but if you are willing to spend a little of your money to have a good experience one of the most scenic regions in France. You will also get the experience of drinking French wine in the city of love!

4. Skiing at the Vallée Blanche

This is a little lesser of the known places to do while you are in the Paris area, but skiing in the Vallée Blanche in Chamonix is a once in a lifetime experience. The views are amazing and breath taking once you reach at least 700m of ski route. You would want to have good conditions for this to be a good experience, otherwise it would not be so memorable, so pick a day that is clear and sunny. The longest run in Europe is the La Sarenne at Alpe d’Huez.

5. A historic visit to the D-Day beaches

One the most emotional journeys that you can get in Europe would be a visit to the historic D-Day beaches. It was the first invasion of Normandy. This was the largest seaborne invasion in history. It began when the allies during world war II would invade the German-occupied northwestern Europe. This part of Europe would be controlled by the Nazi group that was fighting against the allies during the war. So, a visit to this historic place would be one of the top things to do when you’re around the Paris. It would be a great way to spend the day and pay respect to the fallen soldiers in the war.

So, whether you are looking for a small budget trip that can satisfy your travel needs or just want to get out and explore Paris, France would defiantly be a highly-recommended option. With 12 million people living in the city and the metropolitan area. Regardless whether you do these specific things or whether you make your own adventure you will experience a lot of the culture art and fashion of the French wherever you go in Paris. With iconic landmarks known throughout the world such as the Eiffel tower and the arc de triomphe, you can create memories that will last a lifetime in Paris, France.

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