Dubai international Airport 

If you’re not lucky enough to experience the extravagance of Duhai, the airport comes pretty close to the real deal. This airport is often referred to as the most exciting airport to be stuck in for a long layover. Heaven for shopping enthusiasts and never lacking in places to eat; Dubai airport is more than just a place of transit. Like everything else in Dubai, this place is over the top and glamorous. Here you can find the world’s largest duty-free airport shopping center where every year the airport smashes records – annual sales now total approximately AED7 Billion! The lounges in this airport offer the highest level of comfort. They also have a 24/7 gym with a pool, Jacuzzi and massage parlor. You can rent a ‘snooze cube’ for a comfortable nap or wonder around their open air Zen garden!

Schipol Airport 

There is plenty to experience at this airport! Art lovers who need an extra cultural fix before leaving the Netherlands can enjoy the free Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the first museum in the world to be annexed in an airport, with both permanent and temporary exhibits. Of course, like any great airport, there is plenty of opportunities to spend whatever money you have in your wallet. They also have many places to relax and unwind between journeys. There is the Silence Centre, the Airport Park, the Meditation Center and the XpresSpa – perfect for those on stressful long journeys who need to take a break!

Munich international Airport 

There is a social and relaxed atmosphere at Munich international Airport. With a large outdoor area with plenty of restaurants, it’s easy to spend time hanging out. They celebrate their beer all around Germany, including at the airport. Airbräu is a Bavarian-style tavern with its own beer garden and an on-site brewery, where you can watch the brew master in action! If you are there in the winter be sure to make your way outdoors for the traditional Christmas market and spiced wine! Here you can spend most of your layover outdoors, so it’s much easier to say that you’ve been to Munich…even if you never left the airport!

Changi International Ariport 

This airport seems more like another world; with a 40-foot, swirling slide that's the tallest in Singapore, a Balinese-style rooftop swimming pool and a beautiful butterfly garden! The live butterfly garden is one of five total gardens within the airport and it is home to over 1000 butterflies, a waterfall and many native plants. This airport is more like a destination than a stopover! Aside from the beautiful garden, there is also a free cinema, a roof top bar and a giant slide! Need I say more? More than 50 million passengers pass through the airport every year, and Terminal 3 has been voted the best in the world multiple times.

Suvarnabhumi Airport 

Thailand is another common stopover spot. Another place where shopping is everywhere! There is also food EVERYWHERE. From fast food chains you recognize to stylish traditional restaurants. There is something to fill everyone’s stomachs and everyone’s time. For those who have a few hours to kill, there are two massage parlors that offer wonderfully relaxing treatments to suit most time frames. There are also plenty of quiet spots where you can nap for an hour or two if you have no more money to spend! This airport also has myriad places to take catch up on some sleep, with comfortable couches scattered all over the airport. Also, if you are in transit, you can take advantage of various tours in Bangkok. The tour desks are located on the Arrivals Level, Concourse C/D and D/E intersections!

San Francisco International Airport                       

Although this is a small airport, there is a LOT going on within its walls. Most airport layovers will leave you feeling drained and exhausted…but not here in San Fran! San Francisco International Airport has a pocket-sized (150 square feet) Yoga Room, located in Terminal 2. The dimmed lights and soothing blue tones give travelers a chance to de-stress as they stretch and decompress their travel weary bodies. However, if you feel like you are rested enough, there are other sights to see! The airport has an Airport Museum where you can see art, science and cultural exhibits. This is also a good place to grab some souvenirs at There is also a branch of the Steinhart Aquarium located here which hosts wildlife from around the world! There are also lots of nice café’s and restaurants where you can have a snack or sip on some wine. Try Vino Volo at terminal 2! They know their wine!

Icheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea 

This is another airport with heavy traffic all year around. Over 50 million people pass through this airport every year, but you will hardly notice the crowds! Incheon International Airport is a vast building with so many attractions you will feel like you’re somewhere else.

Here you will find gardens, ice skating, golf and a cinema! There is also the ‘Korean Cultural Street and Culture Experience’ where you can learn a bit about the local culture in South Korea before you leave the country. An even more intriguing addition to the attractions is the daily performances. Four times a day actors dressed as the Royal Family walk through the terminals.

There are multiple gardens that host myriad species of plant life and once you are tired of all there is to see inside, check out the ‘Flying to the Future’ sculpture, which is lit up by solar-powered lights at night.