As we are now stepping into the next half of 2024, the house painting industry continuous to surprise as with creative and unique trends. In Melbourne, a city famous for its modern and historic blend, cast some major trends to house painting industry this year.

No matter whether you live in Melbourne, Australia, or not, you can take these trends as inspirations for home renovation projects. As it is crucial to understand the on-going trends before a house makeover. With way you can make sure that your house is enjoyable to live but also holds its overall value.

From trending colors to innovative house painting skills acquire by professional painters, it is good to a little research before going forward.

Here are the top 10 house painting trends in Melbourne, Australia, to spark-up your imagination:

1. Eco-Friendly Tones

As mankind starts to embrace the limited God-gifted resources, people are now more attracted to Eco-friendly solutions. Hence, homeowners all around the world are more forwards towards earthly tones as primary house painting colors. 

Not only these colors are more easy on the eyes but importantly they serve as a great mind calming element for the occupants. Earthy tones like olive green, beige, make sure a sense of warmth and comfort.

One great thing about these tones is that they are not bound for any such particular space, but can be use for any space. No matter, if it is bathroom, bedroom, or living room, earthly tones are great for enhancing the aesthetical appeal of a space.

You can pair these tones with natural materials like stones or wood to create serene and tranquilant atmosphere.

2. Bold And Vivid Accent Walls

The rise of accent walls is not holding back so far, but continue to evolve and to be a visual twist in your room. In Melbourne, homeowners are now going for textured painted accent walls with bold colors to make a statement.

These touch ups add up a more vivid statement to the overall space, making the room feel more unique and tailored.

Homeowners in Melbourne, are now incorporating geometric patterns and floral designs in their space, making sure the boldness of the space.

The options are endless, with the help of professional painters, anyone can have highly tailored accent walls for a unique look.

3. Sustainable Paint Options

With the growing concerns over Eco-friendliness, manufactures are now focused over painting materials that are sustainable. This factor is make sure by keeping the VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds) levels low in painting materials.

These options are not only the environment but also for the health of the occupants. 

Almost every other paint material manufacture has a broad range of sustainable paints, so it not messy to choose one. That way you can make sure that you don’t compromise the finishing of your liking over sustainability.

4. Muted Pastels

Soft, neutral, muted pastels like blush pink, soft lavender, and pale blue are going trending in the Melbourne space right now. 

These colors makes sure a pop in the ambiance, hence, these are ideal for homes with any architectural design.

This strategy works excellent for spaces like bedrooms and nurseries, creating a calm and peaceful environment. 

It is ideal to paired these muted pastels with or neutral colored or designed furniture, these can make sure the room feel airy and light.

5. Jewel Tones

Anything that can add a pop-up touch of luxuriousness can be consider here. From ruby red, to sapphire blue, to glorious green can be considered here by all means.

Colors like these work like wonders for spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas. 

In case, you are willing to combine these shades with some other materials than consider using materials like metal, velvet, to further enhance the appeal.

6. Two-Tone Walls 

These trends are on the rise, not only in Melbourne, but world-wide. Homeowners are opting for two-tone walls, especially, those who have open living areas. 

You just have to choose two colors that are complementary to each others, this way you can define the different areas in a very space. 

This strategy or technique work well in adding interesting depth in your space, making it look dynamic.

This strategy can be very beneficial if you are looking to enhance your architectural details too. 

7. Textured Finishes

Not in just painting industry, but other sectors of renovations like plastering and rendering are also evolving on an immense pace. 

By incorporating rendering and plastering, you can achieve a whole new and much more defined level of versatility in your painting job.

This blend not only work well to have textures on your walls but severe as a element to enhance your architectural details.

You can consider this in your entryways, hallways, and accent walls, where you want to put the preceiver attention.

This technique also work like wonder to hide the imperfection on your walls, from cracks to minor holes.

Do You Need Professional Painters To Get These Done?

Well, this depends on to the type of renovation you are seeking. As for the simple interior painting jobs, you can consider being a DIY expert, like painting a single interior wall. But for more detailed work like texturing and working with patterns, it is better to leave it onto professional painters.

Hire a team of professional painters can save you efforts but more importantly your time. And also, it can save you money on a long run too. 

Go for painters that are local to you, this will help in time management and many other things. 

Now, with all been said, you are now ready for some trendy house painting.