Thailand is a large and beautiful country with much to offer every kind of traveler. All different kinds of people flock there because of its beauty, rich culture and amazing, flavorful street food. You could be a backpacker traveling carry-on only with a strict budget, a luxury traveler looking for the peak in comfort and richness, or a family of four on a vacation during spring break. No matter who you are, Thailand has attractions for you.  

Whether it's the islands with gorgeous beaches and huge parties, a large and bustling capital city with some of the best food in the world, peaceful retreats in the forest or exploring the rainforest, Thailand is very diverse. Best of all, the people there are very friendly and English fluency is wide-spread, which is why it is nicknamed the “Land of Smiles.” Here are some popular vacation destination in the very beautiful country of Thailand that will blow your mind when you visit.


No trip to Thailand is complete without at least a short stay in Bangkok, and if you fly to Thailand, this is very likely to be your first stop. Being the capital city, Bangkok is energetic, vibrant, and some may even say chaotic. When you get there, you may need a day or two to get used to the frenetic energy, especially if you have a tendency to get jet-lagged. Bangkok is fast and busy like no other place on Earth.

The city is an eclectic mix of ultra modern skyscrapers and traditional temples. All of these temples are quite gold, glittery and beautiful, the jewels of the city. The Temple of the Reclining Buddha is the most famous, but there is also the gorgeous Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn), and the amazing Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Besides the many temples of Bangkok, be sure to visit the Flower Market, located in the Old City. You can pick up exotic flowers like orchids and marigolds that all smell amazing.

And of course, no trip to Bangkok is complete without sampling all of the delicious street food in this wonderful city. Don't worry, it won't hurt your wallet. Food in Thailand is notoriously cheap, so you can eat to your heart's content.

Chiang Mai  

Chiang Mai, is a beautiful and peaceful city located in the hills of Northern Thailand. It is equally as famous as Bangkok, but the complete opposite in vibe and culture. Many people visit here to have a spiritual retreat, especially after the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

If you're a food lover, Chiang Mai offers several cooking schools that teach traditional Thai Cuisine. They walk you through step by step how to recreate delicious Thai flavors and recipes at home. Finally, you can learn how to replicate the quintessential pad thai!

For outdoor adventures and activities, no place beats Chiang Mai. You can visit an Elephant where you can see these friendly animals up close, and even ride one if you're lucky. There are also several waterfalls you can visit, ziplining tours, and Eco-trek and cycling tours. If nature is your favorite place to be, Chiang Mai is perfect for you.

One other can't-miss destination in Chiang Mai is the Night Bazaar. The Night Bazaar is a bargain shopper's paradise. It runs every day of the year, rain or shine. Vendors start setting up shop in the late evening with the wares of clothes, designer goods, and local Thai crafts at basement prices. You're sure to pick up a deal on something you love if you visit. The name of the game at the Bazaar is bargaining. You're actually expected to negotiate on the prices. It's a fun way to interact with local and score some cheap goods.


After the big city vibe of Bangkok, and the outdoor adventure of Chiang Mai, you'll probably just want to relax and take in some sun. Thailand is also now for it's gorgeous beaches, and Pattaya is no exception. This beachside town is known for its lively night life and gorgeous beaches. Pattaya has enough activities to last a lifetime of wandering.

Family-friendly Jomtien Beach is perfect to bring the kids, with many water activities available to try like scuba and snorkeling. There's also the Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farm, where in addition to crocodiles, you can see tigers, giraffes, and even feed elephants. You can also go to Ramanaya Water Park for a day of cooling off from the sun. It is clean, not too crowded, and the food there is actually tasty, unlike most amusement parks.

For more grown-up activities, there is the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanic Gardens, an old and lovely garden that is wonderful for a quiet, peaceful stroll. Only a 20 minute bus ride from Pattaya, there is also the Temple of Truth. This is an entirely wood-carved Temple that is a wonder of architecture. Everyone who views is in person says it's breathtaking.

And if you're totally up for something different and crazy in Pattaya, head over to the Colosseum. It's a replica of the Colosseum of Rome, but the main attraction are the drag queen shows! The shows are extravagant with beautiful costumes, comedy, and over the top glamour. It's a nice place to go for some evening entertainment.

Thailand is a beautiful country with much to offer. Whether you want to bask in nature, appreciate the beautiful architecture of traditional temples, or spend lazy days on the beach, there will definitely be a Thailand vacation destination to suit your needs. These three vacation spots of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya give a nice, varied range of experiences in Thailand. I'm sure if you visit, you'll want to go again and again. Because nobody ever goes to Thailand just once. It's one of those places where there's always something new to discover so you never get bored. And remember when you visit, don't forget to pack your camera. You'll want the memories of the beautiful sights to last forever.