One of the biggest challenges you will face when buying an Indian style painting for your house is the decision to choose between traditional and contemporary. It’s confusing, but it’s a fun challenge, like choosing between two masterpieces. Every style has a certain allure of its own and has the power to change the atmosphere of your home in meaningful ways. There is no wrong answer, but there is definitely one that is more correct than the others, and in this blog, we will help you find your 'more correct’ answer.

The Classic Beauty of Indian Traditional Paintings

Indian traditional paintings have a rich cultural heritage and historical background, as well as centuries-old artistic traditions. They frequently feature historical incidents, mythical themes, and scenes from Indian epics such as the Mahabharata and the Ramayana in their spiritual paintings. The following are some essential elements of traditional Indian paintings:

Rich Heritage: Culture and heritage are heavily emphasised in traditional Indian art. They are frequently linked to renowned art schools, including Kangra, Rajput, and Mughal. These artistic disciplines have been handed down through the ages, and each piece bears witness to the artistic excellence of earlier times.

Detailed Details: These paintings are renowned for their detailed details, which frequently call for an extreme level of expertise and precision. The artists of the past were immensely proud of their ability to depict every little detail, from the complex patterns on garments and jewellery to the facial emotions of figures. For example, this extremely detailed 'Madhubani Painting' by Ranjit Jha is an absolute treat for the eyes.

Bright Colours: Vibrant colours are widely used in traditional Indian paintings, and each colour has a significant meaning. For example, the colour red is linked to passion and love, whereas the colour green represents fertility and fresh starts. This vivid colour scheme gives the artwork a sudden rush of vitality and energy that makes it aesthetically striking. Bright colours were usually used in landscape oil paintings to give a realistic touch to natural elements.

Cultural Significance: Traditional paintings are considered cultural treasures as well as pieces of art since they frequently feature subjects from Indian mythology and folklore. They serve as a visual depiction of the values, myths, and ideas that have influenced India's diverse cultural fabric.

Hanging an Indian traditional painting on your wall is like hanging a significant part of our rich culture. They give any living area a hint of classic elegance and sophistication.

Indian Contemporary Paintings

Contemporary Indian paintings, conversely, signify a break from custom. They frequently adopt more contemporary and abstract forms, which represent the changing Indian art landscape. What you need to know about modern Indian paintings is as follows:

Innovation and Experimentation: Indian contemporary artists are renowned for their inventive and creative methods of creating art. They frequently push the limits of what is considered art and are not constrained by conventional topics or techniques.

Variety of genres: From pop art and minimalism to impressionistic and abstract, contemporary Indian paintings cover a broad spectrum of genres. Regardless of your preference, there is something for everyone, thanks to this diversity. For example, Soulmates by K. Prakash will act as a perfect focal point in your living room.

Simplicity and Elegance: Subdued colour schemes, minimalist compositions, and clear lines are characteristics of many modern Indian paintings. They are the ideal option for modern interior decor since they may infuse your house with a feeling of refinement and serenity.

Versatility: Modern house decor can easily complement contemporary Indian paintings. They are a great option if you want to give a modern living area a dash of refinement and craftsmanship. Indian contemporary art can belong in any decor style, be it colourful and lively or sleek and minimalist.

Choosing the right painting style for your house

Take into account the following aspects when deciding between traditional and modern Indian paintings for your home:

Personal Style: Which style best suits your own tastes and inclinations? Which kind of art draws you more—the inventive and daring expressions of contemporary art, or the narratives and cultural significance of older paintings?

Interior Design: Evaluate the furnishings and decor you currently have. Will the artwork conflict with or fit well with your interior design? A classic artwork can work elegantly into the overall decor of an interior with a traditional theme. A modern object can serve as an eye-catching focal point in a minimalist or modern setting. For example, Rickshaw series #1 would work exceptionally well on a white background.

Room Dimensions and Lighting: Take into account the room's dimensions and lighting when choosing the artwork. While smaller spaces could benefit from smaller, more personal paintings, larger rooms can handle bolder, larger paintings.

Budget: Because traditional paintings have such historical and cultural value, they can be pricey, particularly those by well-known artists. A decision should be made with your budget in mind. Although pricing for contemporary art can vary greatly based on the artist's renown and the complexity of the piece, it may provide more affordable possibilities.

Recall that when it comes to art and decor, there are no hard-and-fast laws. For a distinctive and varied atmosphere in your house, you can even combine traditional and modern Indian paintings.


Both traditional Indian paintings that are rich in history and culture and modern pieces that capture the dynamic nature of art have a unique position in the world of home decor. Finding the best wall painting for the living room is a challenging task, but in the end, your decision will be based on your personal taste, the atmosphere you want to create, and the narratives you want your house to tell through its artwork. Indian paintings that speak to your spirit and the space will enhance your house, whether you choose the classic elegance of heritage or the audacious expressions of modern art.

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