QuickBooks, developed by Intuit, is one of the most widely used accounting software applications. Despite its robust functionality, users occasionally encounter errors that can disrupt their workflow. One such issue is QuickBooks Error Code 12007. This error primarily arises when users attempt to update QuickBooks or make payroll updates. Understanding the root causes and applying the right solutions can help resolve this issue efficiently. This article provides an in-depth look at QuickBooks Error Code 12007, its causes, symptoms, and solutions.

Understanding QuickBooks Error Code 12007

QuickBooks Error Code 12007 is a common issue that occurs when the software is unable to access the internet. This error usually manifests during the update process of QuickBooks Desktop or when attempting to update the QuickBooks payroll service. The error message typically reads, "A network timeout that is preventing QuickBooks from accessing the server."

Common Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 12007

Several factors can lead to QuickBooks Error Code 12007. The most common causes include:

Network Issues: Interruption in the internet connection or a slow network can trigger this error.

Firewall Settings: Incorrect firewall settings can block QuickBooks from accessing the internet, resulting in Error 12007.

Internet Explorer Configuration: QuickBooks relies on Internet Explorer to access the internet. Incorrect settings or outdated versions of Internet Explorer can cause this error.

SSL Settings: Incorrect SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) settings can prevent QuickBooks from connecting to the server.

Antivirus Software: Overly protective antivirus software may block QuickBooks from accessing the internet.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 12007

Identifying the symptoms can help in diagnosing QuickBooks Error Code 12007. Common indicators include:

An error message displaying "QuickBooks Error Code 12007."

Inability to update QuickBooks or payroll services.

Frequent network disconnections while using QuickBooks.

Slow performance of QuickBooks during internet-related tasks.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 12007

Resolving QuickBooks Error Code 12007 involves a series of troubleshooting steps. Here’s a detailed guide to help you fix the issue:

Solution 1: Verify Internet Connection

Check Connectivity:

Ensure your internet connection is stable. Try opening a web page in your browser to confirm internet access.

Restart Modem/Router:

Sometimes, restarting your modem or router can resolve network issues.

Solution 2: Configure Firewall and Antivirus Settings

Adjust Firewall Settings:

Access your firewall settings and ensure that QuickBooks has the necessary permissions to access the internet.

Add exceptions for QuickBooks applications in your firewall.

Modify Antivirus Settings:

If your antivirus software is blocking QuickBooks, add QuickBooks as an exception.

Temporarily disable the antivirus and try updating QuickBooks again.

Solution 3: Update Internet Explorer Settings

Check Version:

Ensure you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer. QuickBooks uses Internet Explorer for internet-related functions.

Reset Internet Explorer Settings:

Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools > Internet Options.

Click on the Advanced tab and then click on Reset.

Restart your computer and try updating QuickBooks again.

Solution 4: Verify SSL Settings

Check SSL Settings:

Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools > Internet Options.

Click on the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Security section.

Ensure that SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 are checked.

Solution 5: Reconfigure QuickBooks Updates

Manual Update:

Open QuickBooks and go to Help > Update QuickBooks.

Click on the Update Now tab and select the updates you want to install.

Click on Get Updates to start the update process.

Automatic Update:

Open QuickBooks and go to Help > Update QuickBooks.

Click on the Options tab and set QuickBooks to automatically download updates.

Preventive Measures to Avoid QuickBooks Error Code 12007

Taking preventive measures can help you avoid encountering QuickBooks Error Code 12007 in the future:

Regular Software Updates:

Keep QuickBooks and Internet Explorer updated to the latest versions.

Stable Internet Connection:

Ensure a reliable and fast internet connection to prevent network-related issues.

Firewall and Antivirus Configuration:

Regularly check and configure your firewall and antivirus settings to ensure they do not block QuickBooks.

System Maintenance:

Regularly perform system maintenance tasks such as clearing cache and temporary files to keep your system running smoothly.


QuickBooks Error Code 12007 can be a significant hindrance, especially when you need to perform crucial updates. By understanding its causes and applying the appropriate solutions, you can resolve this error effectively. Whether it's adjusting your internet settings, reconfiguring your firewall, or updating Internet Explorer, these steps will help you get QuickBooks back on track. Regular maintenance and preventive measures can also play a crucial role in minimizing the occurrence of such errors, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation of QuickBooks.