First anniversaries are always special, and they need celebration. It marks one year of love, understanding, and simply being there for each other through simple and tough times. Traditionally, couples celebrate anniversaries by exchanging gifts, but what could be the perfect gift?

Today we are spoiled with different anniversary gifting options, from customised goods to electronic gadgets, but traditional gifts can still be your saviour. Jewellery, especially diamond anniversary rings for her, can be a great gift option to show your love for your partner or wife.

In this blog, we will talk about why rings make for the perfect gifting option and some factors you must consider when buying a ring. We will also suggest some ring designs that we think might take your love story to the next level.

Why Rings Make For Good Anniversary Gifts?

In the sea of gift options, what makes diamond rings stand out? Let’s find out:

1. Circle of Love Symbol: A ring's circular form represents eternity and an unbreakable link between a pair, making it a potent symbol of enduring love and commitment.

2. Classic Style: Rings are classic and durable jewellery items that symbolise the longevity of a couple's union and the stages of life they have experienced together.

3. Daily Reminders: A ring can be worn every day and will always remind you of the love and commitment you have towards each other, especially during tough times.

4. Customisation: You can choose the ring that truly captures your partner's personality and style. You can choose the size of the diamond or metal and even engrave personalised messages in the ring.

Factors to Consider When Gifting an Anniversary Ring

Individual Taste and Style

Consider what your wife or partner might like. Trust us, it is not a very complicated process. With one year of living together, you must know what her style is—whether it's traditional, contemporary, or something more unusual. For example, if she is an office lady, you can give her something more casual that she can wear in the office or during client meetings. A minimalistic design can be a good option here.

Current Jewellery Collection

If you are still unsure about what you can gift, go through their current jewellery designs. Are there too many diamonds or gold pieces? Is the design simple or more intricate? Are there any other gems other than diamonds? Use this information to buy diamond anniversary rings for her.

Daily Clothes and Lifestyle

Take into account the recipient's way of life and routine. More resilient and low-maintenance metals like platinum can be better suited for someone who leads an active lifestyle. This also guarantees that the ring will endure normal wear and tear.

Ethical Sourcing

Think about the ring's ethical implications, particularly if it has diamonds or other precious stones. Choose jewellers who follow responsible sourcing procedures. For example, before buying any expensive jewellery, research the jeweller. Look for client reviews and testimonials. If possible, visit physical shops to check if there are any scratches or wear on the ring.

3 Beautiful Rings You Can Buy from Orra

Above, we mentioned how essential a good, trusted jewellery shop is. Well, Orra is among those shops. They are one of the best diamond jewellery stores in Mumbai, with an amazing collection of rings for almost every occasion. Out of their huge collection, we have picked 3 different rings that we think will be adored by your wife or partner:

1. Diamond Solitaire Finger Ring

Not too simple, not too intricate, this ring can be the perfect fit for your wife. The ring has a luxurious appeal in its simplicity, and the rose gold perfectly complements the design of the ring.


Net Weight: 4.14g

Metal Purity: 18KT

Diamond Weight: 0.802 CT

Diamond Quality: VS GH + 73 FACETS

2. Precious 18KT Yellow Solitaire Finger Ring

One must not underestimate the power of this ring. It demands attention. This ring, while not ideal for everyday wear, is perfect for traditional occasions like weddings, housewarming parties, or festivals.


Net Weight: 3.14g

Metal Purity: 18KT

Diamond Weight: 0.77 CT

Diamond Quality: SI IJ

3. Dazzling Diamond Halo Design Ring

The halo design ring elevates the design of the ring because of the positioning of the diamond. It is the perfect ring when capturing a traditional look with a touch of modernism.

Net Weight: 2.74g

Metal Purity: 18KT

Diamond Weight: 1.11 CT

Diamond Quality: SI GH


Selecting the ideal diamond ring to commemorate a first anniversary is a meaningful and emotional act that represents the unwavering love and dedication a couple shares. We hope this blog has provided you with some suggestions that can ease up your anniversary planning. Visit Orra’s website to look at all the jewellery options they have for you. Apart from rings, you can also buy necklace sets, stud earrings, bangles, pendants, and more. Visit their website to learn more about their products.