Everybody would love to have their water lily pond, but many fear the efforts they should make to plant it. These blooms are absolutely magnificent, and they add a unique atmosphere to a tranquil garden with a coy pond. So, how exactly do you grow water lilies in a pond? Even if it’s not a hard effort to learn how to plant them, there are a few things you should pay attention to. So, how to plant water lilies in pond? Read this article to know more.

Step 1: Choose a container

Choosing a container is the first step on how to plant water lily, but you need to pay attention to a few aspects. Remember that the tuber, which resembles an iris’ rhizome, grows horizontally. The container doesn’t need to have holes. If you decide to add drainage holes, line the container with burlap. This way, you can retain the dirt inside the container.

This is a vital step since the soil that spills out of your container can cloud the water that grows in your pond, ruining the wonderful appearance of a water lily pond.

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