I will go to work today
13:00-20:00 Reception
If you contact us by 20:00, you can play until 23:30.
Please feel free to contact us
On Wednesday, I went to the beauty salon and had my hair cut and treated.
When the person in charge of me shampoos, he doesn't ask, "Are there any itchy spots?"
this is it
I don't understand
No, it's up to the beautician to decide whether or not the hair is washed enough, isn't it?
I'm just getting my hair washed.
I've been in charge of it for almost 7 years now, and I think it's too late to say it, so I ignore it every time, but I'm curious.
I say, "I'm fine."
Also, when I talk while I'm shampooing, the thin paper covering my face becomes fluffy, and it's awkward because I can see half of my face, so please don't talk to me too much lol
It's my fault too, but I feel sorry when the paper is fixed over and over again...
But the person in charge has been very kind to me.
If you leave my hair to me, it will be beautiful on its own, so I mostly leave it to you.
I want you to continue being a beautician until I become a grandmother.
today too
Nice to meet you.
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