Lamps are more than just lights. They can make a room look really nice. But the most important part is the lamp shade. Choosing the right lamp shade is important if you want your room to look good.

Here are some things to think about when picking lamp shades:


Lamp shades come in different materials like ceramic, fabric, or paper. Ceramic lamp shades are very strong and can handle hot light bulbs without getting messed up. They look fancy with their glazed finishes.
But if you have kids or pets, ceramic may not be best. The ceramic could break easily. Fabric or paper shades may be smarter if you have little kids or animals around.


The size of the lamp shade matters a lot. It needs to be the right size compared to the base of the lamp. A general rule is the shade height should be about two-thirds of the base height. And the shade width should match the widest part of the base.

But you can break the "rules" sometimes. An extra big or extra small shade can look cool if it fits the style you want.

Shape and Style

Lamp shades come in many different shapes like drums, empire, bells, square and more. The shape you pick should match the style of your room and lamp base.

A classic empire shade works with a fancy base. A simple cylinder shade is better for a modern, minimalist room. Look around your room and pick a shade shape that goes with the furniture and architecture.

Color and Pattern

The color and pattern on the shade can change how a room feels. Neutral white, cream, or beige shades create a calm mood. Bright colors or patterns add energy and style.

Patterned shades with florals or geometrics add texture. Just make sure any patterns you pick actually match the room's current colors and patterns.

Light Control

The main job of a lamp shade is controlling the light. Solid, opaque shades create a soft, ambient glow. See-through or lighter shades let more direct brightness through.

Think about if you want the lamp for task lighting that's bright or just a cozy mood light. That will help you pick the right shade opacity.


Some lamp shades attach right to a ceramic wall socket. Others need a separate harp piece to connect to a lamp base. Double-check how your shade needs to be installed before buying.

You may need to get a whole new lamp base if your dream shade doesn't fit your current lamps.


Different shades require different levels of cleaning. Ceramic can usually just get wiped down. Fabric shades may need vacuuming more often.

Be realistic about how much cleaning you're willing to do. If you don't like lots of maintenance, maybe skip fabrics and go for an easy-clean ceramic or plastic option.

Some other factors to consider:

Considering the Room's Purpose

Another important factor when choosing lamp shades is considering the room's main purpose. For example, shades for a home office or craft room need to allow plenty of bright, focused light for task lighting. Opaque or darker-colored shades may not be ideal.

Bedrooms and living rooms, on the other hand, are typically better suited for more ambient, diffused lighting from lamp shades. Opaque or semi-opaque fabric shades can create a warm, cozy atmosphere perfect for relaxing.

Mixing and Matching Shades

Who says you have to stick to just one lamp shade style in a room? Mixing and matching different shapes, colors and materials can add fun visual interest when done thoughtfully.

Try pairing a classic beige drum shade on one lamp with a colorful patterned empire shade on another lamp. Just be sure to unified them with some common colors or complementary materials.

Accent vs. Blending Shades

Depending on your design goals, you'll want to decide if you want your lamp shades to be accent pieces that pop or blend seamlessly into the room.

Bolder colors, patterns and unique shapes make great accent shades to draw the eye. But you can't go wrong with neutral, solid-colored lamp shades if you prefer them to blend quietly into the background.

DIY Lamp Shade Makeovers

If you can't find the perfect lamp shade, why not makeover an existing one? You can easily recover lamp shades with new materials like paint, fabric, wallpaper or embellishments.

Get creative and put your personal stamp on a plain lamp shade. It's an affordable way to customize lighting that may just become a conversation piece in your home.

With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to choosing terrific lamp shades that provide both function and fashionable flair throughout your living spaces. Have fun with it!

The Bottom Line

Choosing lamp shades takes some thought. But it's worth it since they change the whole look of your room. Don't just grab any old shade, go for some amazing lamp shades like Ceramic lamp shades.

Pick lamp shades that fit your room's style and needs. Make sure the material, size, shape, color and installation all work for you. With some planning, you can find beautiful shades that brighten your space and make it look awesome!