Wielding a sharp razor near your manhood can really be terrifying more so to men. But in case you are such kind of man that out of such fear do prefer a bushy crotch, I invite you to keep reading. Most men spend a lot of time trimming their beard or hair but neglect their private parts. In most cases, the period before sex is what motivates them to shave their pubic region. 

Benefits derived from shaving men’s pubic hair: 


The pubic hair may trap sweat, Warmth, and germs that pile up at the pubis and after sometimes this can lead to further complications. Shaving or trimming the hair around the private parts will go a mile further in maintaining the area clean and avoid unwanted infections.

 The erection stands out

A bushy crotch gives a false impression to your partner of the size of your penis. Doing away with the hair that is grown around your penis will improve the erection size and even make it appear longer even by an inch.

Looks healthier 

A crotch that is well shaven is hygienic and appealing. Additionally, a shaven or trimmed crotched does maintain the health of your penis and keeps you from any epidemics or contaminations as a result of the cleanliness. A clean well-cut crotch will enable you to easily identify any unwanted skin rash or warts. Another main cause of odors in men is the accumulation of sweat in the pubic region. This is because with a bushy crotch washing becomes burdensome and does not allow free circulation of fresh air around the private area.

More attractive

A well-trimmed or shaven pubic region appeals more to the other partner. A busy crotch can really discourage most women who are fans of oral sex. First, the odor can repel them and also the hair can get into their mouths and choke them or cause infections. For men to completely get such women and themselves enjoy oral sex, then you need to have your penis and the area around well-trimmed al the times.

Enhances sensitivity when playing sex

The skin in the private parts is very sensitive to touch more so by the opposite sex. A bushy crotch blocks or covers this sensitive skin and therefore cannot be accessed by your partner. Trimming it exposes your sensitive skin to your partner for touch hence making both of you experience sex powerfully.

Nicely fits with nice underwear 

Lovely underwear makes you feel great because there are no pubic hairs that get attached to the underwear for all is smooth and plain.

Traditional acceptance  

Most Americans have a rather weird culture towards body hair thus a plain crotch auger well with the Americans culture.

More options for swimwear 

With a nicely trimmed pubic hair, you have a range of swimwear at your disposal. You can now enjoy any public swimming with it.

Generates a longing & exclusivity:  

Shaving your pubic area can lead to a new tactic towards an improved personal grooming. This can lead to a long lasting relationship due to the ever increasing desire for the moments and every day wanting to initiate it.

Spouse Response 

This is the case when you have opted to shave because of the request of your partner, she, of course, will be very much appreciative. Some women consider a well-groomed crotch as an essential factor to experiencing enjoyable and productive sex. And if men respond to such a desire by trimming their pubic area, the women would want to respond to the hard work in an equal measure.


Trimming off the pubic area can also be sexy more so when you have your partner do it with the application of some shaving cream and a lovely massage. This can make you want to shave every time for it is too stimulating.

Well-trimmed crotch avoids unnecessary cuts during sex

Most of the times when couples with hairy penis or vagina play sex, the overgrown hair can cause some cuts on the condoms or even can enter into the vagina. Such cases act as sources of many other infections.

Mutual sexiness

A shaved pubic area strikingly communicates to the other partner of the imminent desire and thus makes both to be psychologically prepared. Additionally, a smooth scrotum seems to beg for some touch.


To shave or not is still an individual choice. Many factors are to be considered in order of preference before one decides on whether to shave, trim or not. But the first consideration should be health, second ease and third physical charm.