It’s important to understand the significance of cloud technology, particularly when it comes to crucial systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which holds the core business operations and data.

What is a cloud ERP software system?

Simply put, cloud ERP systems are ERP software solutions that use cloud technology. The next obvious question would be, what is cloud technology. Again, the simple answer is that it is a methodology in which any software solution is offered to the end users through the internet.

With that said, it becomes obvious that, in such a scenario, where software solutions are offered via the internet, the necessity for IT infrastructure and maintenance becomes almost nil. And yes, that’s exactly the first advantage of shifting to cloud technology, and in the context of the article, to cloud ERP systems.

Why cloud ERP systems?

An SMB might be happy with its existing ERP solution, which is handling the core of the business well, and the owner may wonder ‘why cloud ERP’, when the in-house ERP solution is doing a good job? Here are some answers to this question:

Cloud ERP systems help companies reduce capital costs. By shifting to cloud ERP, an enterprise no longer needs to invest on the hardware to store their ERP solution.

The shift also reduces operational costs dramatically, including the cost incurred for IT support and server maintenance.

The ease with which scalability can be achieved by using cloud ERP systems is amazing. With cloud ERP systems in place, one can easily adjust applications and users, up or down, as per dynamic business needs.

There is also the opportunity to try and test the application modules before rolling them out to the group usage, reducing training costs.

It may come as a surprise, but the infrastructure of cloud ERP systems offers better security to confidential enterprise data, in comparison to in-house ERP. As the cloud providers are established names in the domain, they possess better expertise in data security in comparison to the in-house IT department.

Cloud ERP software systems are possibly the best choice for small businesses because cloud ERP systems offer flexibility to expand it, in-tune with company developments.

Since the cloud ERP systems option will not include any capital investment and no IT overhead, enterprises can easily test out feasibility and then make the decision to switch.

One of the best features of cloud ERP systems is it is green and it is employee-friendly. Employees can now peacefully work from home, as efficiently as they do at the office, through the usage of the internet. This saves on many precious resources like time and fuel.

Of late, there have been several tempting offerings in cloud ERP systems, with features perfect for small businesses. Get a free demo of Averiware cloud ERP software today!