Do you know the magic spell to travel through time and space, and be whoever you want to be? Some of you might already know the spell and I know that some of you are wondering what this is all about. Trust me, it’s an easy little spell and I want everyone to use it. Let’s put the spell aside for a while now. Have you ever heard about the word Bookaholic? We already know that “holic” means addicted. So what do you think bookaholic is about? Your guess is right. It is about a person who’s addicted to books, who loves reading. What is the first thing that popped up in to your mind as soon as you heard the word reading? Tell me, was that a school text book? A newspaper? Or was that a novel? Even it might be a project proposal of a business deal. For each of us the meaning of reading is little bit different. 

We all are spending different phrases of our lives. So for a school kids reading might be all about text books, when you get older and you need more peace within you, probably you’ll end up reading a lot but it’s not like that all the time. Even the kids like to read a lot. I believe that reading from the beginning is a good way to start your life, because reading widens your horizons in imaginations. By having more imagination skills you become more creative and for a kid it’s really important and useful.  

So let’s move on to talking about reading stories. You might be a fan of reading short stories or else you might be a fan of reading long stories or novels. Some people love reading book series. Trilogies. That’s not the only thing. People can be divided according to their likings on what they like to read. Do you like fiction? Or else do you hate reading made up stories? If so, you have to stick with the real stories. Biographies and History books may be. But to be honest I have to say reading fiction is way more interesting that reading biographies. (Personal opinion, oh stop scolding me if you don’t agree with me)

Non-fiction (The real stories) contains factual information. No lies, always it’s about something that has already happened. When it comes to fiction, it might be a completely made up story or else it might be based on hints of truth, but that tiny truth is elaborated, fabricated and mostly embellished. Fiction or Non-fiction there are many types of books. It’s more similar to movie genres. So while reading this article think about what genre that you like reading the most. The fascinating thing about fiction books are the fact that they can surprise you with amazing stories and those stories might belong to any genre. Science, Satire, Drama, Action and Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Self-help, Health, Guide, Travel, Anthology, Poetry, Art, Cook books and many more.  

How many sleepless nights have you spent reading books? How many times have you drifted away from the reality and got in to a different world? How many times have you wished that you were living in the world mentioned in the book that you were reading? Have you ever thought about how amazing it is? Haven’t you ever thought about the fact that the worlds we read about in books might actually be real, I mean just think about it, this universe in so prodigious. I have this theory within me, I think we aren’t imagining the things we write about, it’ real. The authors have actually lived in those worlds in other lives somehow and they can remember the world that they used to live in before. I mean none of us have any idea about how big the universe is. So it might actually be possible.  

I’ve heard that there are lots of benefits of reading but to be honest nobody is talking about the negative stuff about reading. Are there any disadvantages of reading for real? I do think that there are some minus points about it. But they are not socially acceptable like all the other benefits. So they are totally ignored by everyone all the time. Do you have any idea about what all the smart people have in common with each other? I bet you don’t know. It’s the reading. Smarter people tend to read more than average people and may be the reading is the thing that made them smarter. Anyhow as reading enhances smartness it provides an insight about most the day to day situations in life and when a good reader faces’ a situation in real life they are capable of taking actions quickly and efficiently than the non-readers. Reading is also a very good distraction because it takes you away from the reality for a while and the scientists have already proven that this is a solid way to beat stress. Continuous reading polishes an individual’s grammar, vocabulary, spellings, anonyms and synonyms. As well as all of these benefits, there are far more valuable advantages of reading, like improved creativity and imagination skills as I mentioned earlier. Believe it or not, the studies have proved that your memory level increases and expands with your reading. The more you read, the more your memory boosts. (Kids, this doesn’t mean ditching your school books and reading novels will make you memorize more) As they say the connection between memory and reading is a little bit complicated but we can simply understand it like; when we read, we make up sceneries in our mind and it increases our brain capacity.

Now here are some little advices for all the bookaholics from around the world. Sometimes when we get in touch with an amazing book, we always lose track of time and keep reading. Now tell me is it a good thing or a bad thing? Personally I think that’s a bad thing because our real life activities are always way more important than the fantasy worlds’ pieces. So readers don’t forget to have fun and keep reading but keep track of time and the things happening around you.