Things to do on Girl’s Night

Working hard day in and day out makes you tired and sometimes a call or text just isn’t enough social interaction. Every girl needs at least that one
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9 Motivational Quotes to Keep You Moving

Is there ever a person on earth who wouldn’t want to succeed and be good in life? Every one of us somehow have imagined ourselves as the protagonist i
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Top 6 Things to Do In Venice, Italy

Venice is one of my favorite places on Earth. It's like a paradise, with its maze of bridges, cute shops, old lovely architecture, and of course
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Why reading books makes you a wizard

Do you know the magic spell to travel through time and space, and be whoever you want to be? Some of you might already know the spell and I know that
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Top 10 coolest superheroes

We have all been intrigued by superheroes at one point in our life. Whether we grew up reading or watching Batman or just got into them because of the
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What it’s like to be a non-gamer with gamer friends

I am a non-gamer. This means that I’m not into spending countless hours in front of my computer or console playing games. However, ALL of my friends a
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VR: Virtual reality is the future of gaming

Imagine you are in an ancient temple with an idol in front of you. You decide to take the idol and the moment you do it, 3 demon monkeys appear out of
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10 Meghan Markle techniques, thanks to which she charms everyone

In an unfamiliar company, most of us feel awkward and want to pull out a life-saving mobile phone and pretend to be writing something important. But
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Top 8 Books You Need to Read if You Loved Harry Potter

There are very few authors who have captured our love and imagination in the way that J.K. Rowling has with her incredibly popular Harry Potter series
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4 ways that art can improve your wellbeing

Many of those who read this title might think that this can only be directed at those with at least a shred of artistic talent in their bones. Well I’
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Best New YA Series After Finishing Divergent

It’s hard to find anyone who didn’t follow Veronica Roth’s explosively popular series, and like any great story, reaching the end left many of us with
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Top 12 Funniest Sitcom Characters

Over the years, there have been some pretty great sitcoms that have kept us rolling with laughter. Part of the reason they are so successful in keepin
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What I learned through 8 years of B-boying

If I told you that you can learn a lot from Hip-hop, you would probably think I’m lying. When people usually hear the word ‘Hip-Hop’, they automatical
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Top 5 Feminist Characters in Modern Literature

The fight for equality between the sexes is at an all-time high. While classical literature had strong, attention-grabbing heroines like Elizabeth Be
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Top 10 Disney Movies Ranked Best to Worst

As children we all enjoyed a Disney Classic at one point or another. Heck, I’m an adult and I still enjoy reliving my childhood with Disney movies! Bu
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10 Awesome Things To Do in Thailand

Hang out with elephants (but don’t ride them!) Elephants are the most magnificent and gentle creatures on this planet, and it was such a privilege t
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A world of video gaming: what you need to know about eSports

You’ve probably heard of the term “eSports” by now and found yourself wondering just what the heck is all that about? Well, I’ve got some news for you
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Famous electronic games players

When it comes to being a fan of a game, a lot of it comes down to our favorite players, the all time greats or just your average guy who revolutionize
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Top 5 amazing things to do in Paris

When you think of Paris you think of a lot about romantic movies and a lot of food don’t you? France itself is a popular country but Paris is probably
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How to have fun in the Swiss Alps

Switzerland is one of the most expensive European countries to visit but it is also one of the most beautiful and gorgeous countries. Even the most fr
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10 Awesome Things To Do in Vietnam

Last year, I spent a month backpacking solo through Vietnam and had an amazing time! There is so much to see and do, but the 30 day maximum visa makes
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Mind Games: How Gaming Can Actually Raise Your Intelligence

Chances are, if you were born anytime between the 80s and the 2000s, you’ve paid your dues to the gods of video gaming. And it is equally likely that
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Top Books to Read for “Walking Dead” Fans

Few other series have worked- or maybe more accurately, stumbled and gnawed- their way into our hearts with the success that “The Walking Dead” has en
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Vasiliy Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez

Vasiliy Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez weigh in before their title fight Teofimo Lopez Jr. upsets Vasiliy Lomachenko to claim lightweight crown: Highlig
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Top 3 Biggest Competitive Computer Games

When it comes to competitive video gaming, there are a lot of different type of games that are being played, heck, even games as trivial as Super Mari
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Ways to Keep Busy While Teaching in Asia

Teaching in Asia is an adventure, but it is still a job. This means that over time, the luster of working in a new environment will wear off, and a ro
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8 Ways You Can Make Someone’s Day Great Without Knowing It

Have you ever heard the saying “it’s the little things in life”? I have heard it many times throughout my life and have found it to be so true. Think
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Top 10 Scariest Movies of All Time

We all know there are some pretty horrible horror movies out there that come off as more of a joke than a good scare. However, there are the few that
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Top 10 funnest ways to Procrastinate

If you’re a college student, you know that finals week is dreadfully upon us. Some of you have been waiting for the end of this semester for four year
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How to Enjoy Local Food When Traveling

One of the greatest joys of travel is being able to sample local cuisine. Ah the excitement as your palette welcomes strange dishes, spices and tastes
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