The Power of Pause in Public Speaking

Pause is the most important skill of a speaker.When you pause your audience thinks about your message and reflects. Pause builds audience confidence i
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15 Best Public Speaking Videos Every Speaker Should Watch

15 best public speaking videos you will find in this article were made by successful TED speakers. Each speech highlights examples of most common mist
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How to Tell a Story from Stage and Become a World-Class Storyteller

How to tell a story from stage and become a world-class storyteller? A story is what activates the imagination of the audience members and makes the s
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Things No One Tells You about Parenting

Parenting is one of the exciting journeys that we experience through our lives. Whether you are the biological parents or adoptive, parenting is the s
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Dealing With a Teenage Daughter with Low Self-Esteem

Is a child born with high or low self-esteem? It can be very depressing for a parent to know that their children do not tap their potential because of
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Real Insight on Homeschooling Vs Public Schooling

Schooling is one of the biggest decisions that parents have to make in their children’s lives. Whatever you decide will affect the child for the rest
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How to write a post that readers would love to read

After having analyzed thousands of bloggers, we realized that the difference between an article that people love to read and an article that they won’
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Want to succeed in the stock market? Be like Warren Buffett

Everyone wants to get rich. It is a built-in human desire to want more material wealth, whether it is in the form of goats and sheep in ancient Babylo
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How to Keep Kids Still At School

It should come to no surprise to you that many people are said to have ADD or ADHD and while I do believe some really do have it, I also believe many
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Top 10 books every feminist should read!

To list ever wonderful piece of feminist literature would be a novel in itself. However, there are some books every woman (and man) should read if the
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Magic of Speech Evaluation Videos

Videos for Magic of Speech Evaluation bookSpeech 1: Richard Turere: My invention that made peace with lionsSpeech 2: Tyler DeWitt: Hey science teacher
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Biggest Secret of Impromptu Speaking that a Karate Sensei Taught Me

When I was about 12 years old I had a huge fear. I was afraid of being beaten up by bullies in the street. I was so scared to go to school every day t
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Ingredient without which a great speech can’t exist

What is your favorite movie of all time? We all like to watch movies because we can live another life for about an hour and a half. Imagine a movie
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9 Public Speaking Tips that Will Make Your Gestures World-Class

Remember the last time you felt anger? Your facial muscles where tense and your gestures and posture expressed anger. Did you notice what happened wit
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The invaluable public speaking lesson that I learned in a subway car

What was the most difficult audience, you had as a speaker? Imagine that you enter a subway car and you see 34 tired and bored passengers. They are re
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Energy on stage. It’s Contagious!

When I studied at Michigan Ross School of Business in the MBA program, one day I was invited to participate in the event called “Startup Weekend.” On
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How to Make Decisions: The Heart Vs. The Mind Vs. The Gut

Test: Which is dominant in your personality, the heart or the brain? Test yourself as to which is dominant in your personality. Put both your hands
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How to Catch a Liar

Everyone lies. Big or small, petty white or not, deliberate or spontaneous, by completely altering facts or by omission. We all do, and there’s no esc
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How to Motivate Your Child off The Couch for Healthy Lifestyle

In a world where everyone is striving to live a better life and live longer no one wants their kids to be couch potatoes. We have to admit not every c
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How to Help Your Child Develop Positive Homework Habit

Some children view homework as a chore and your child might be one of them. Homework can be a challenging task for children at times and it may prove
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How to Protect Your Child from Being Bullied

Parents have an intrinsic nature always to prevent their children from any harm. But as our children grow we get less and fewer opportunities to prote
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How to make your blog post popular

When you write a great post you may want it to be seen by many people. In this post we share several effective ways to get as many readers as possible
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Facial Expressions Can Tell More than Gestures

Most important gestures are the facial expressions that convey emotions. The eyes are the most important part of your facial expressions and they conv
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3 guaranteed ways to reduce fear of impromptu speaking

I have interviewed more than 100 speakers and all of them have said that they do feel fear of speaking impromptu. I asked, “Is there anything particul
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Little Known Kitchen Tricks That Will Make You a Better Cook

Eating is without doubt one of the most fun part of the day, and getting to devour on real foods is something we shouldn’t exchange for anything. More
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